Girls Saugus Volleyball 2021-2022 Season Overview

Grace Pollard, Staff writer

The Saugus Volleyball teams have had an amazing season this fall. Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshmen all played unbelievably well. All teams ended the season with numerous wins and the Varsity team advanced to the playoffs.

As of November, 10 2021, the phenomenal Varsity team is tied for 2nd in the Foothill league and has moved onto State Championships. This young team, including two freshmen and one sophomore had a remarkable season with a record of 22-6.  Even though the team had a rough beginning of the season with starter players being ill and injured, they prevailed and made a remarkable comeback. 

Picture provided by Grace Pollard

This season was more than just games to the Varsity players though. Naomi Greer, number twelve on the Varsity court, shares, “I will never forget the bond that we built and this will be my favorite team I have ever had and ever will have.” 

Kaitlyn Reiner, the JV coach, describes their season as “exciting [and was] ‘keeping you always on your toes’.” JV girls ended their season with a 9-3 record and “took a lot of teams to 3 sets ,” said Reiner.

Picture provided by Grace Pollard

The Rio Mesa Tournament on August 8th, 2021 was an unforgettable experience for Reiner and the team. After playing games consistently, the team managed to beat Royal High School in the championship and took 1st place out of 13 teams. JV player, Iliana Garcia says “We all played super good. It was the best we [had] played and it was such a fun time winning.”

The freshmen team demonstrated the fortunate volleyball career they have ahead of them. Coach Amber Aquin says, “They have set the bar so high in terms of freshman teams…the talent with our freshman players this year was amazing!” The team ended the season strong with a 9-3 record in league and Aquin is extremely “happy with [her] team and their multiple wins!”

Picture provided by Grace Pollard

Julia Taylor, a player on the freshman team shares, “[Their] second game against Hart was definitely the best .” After losing to Hart High School the first time, rebounding “was a really great feeling,” adds Taylor. 

The coaches and players will never forget the 2021-2022 season. Ambrose expresses, “I think we had a very successful season.”