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2020-2021 Staff

Mia Siddons Mata

The Scroll, Staff Writer

Mia Siddons Mata is a freshman at Saugus High School. She mostly writes for Op-Ed for the Saugus Scroll

Shaine Salonga

The Scroll, Staff Writer

Shaine Salonga is a freshman at Saugus High School who usually writes for Arts and Entertainment. She was born in the Philippines and moved to America when she was four years old. Playing tennis and making art has been one of...

Ella Weidman

The Scroll, Staff Writer

Ella Weidman is a freshman at Saugus High School.

Maddie Del Rio

The Scroll, Wellness Editor

Hi! I'm Maddie Del Rio, and I'm a Wellness Editor for Journalism. I love photography, running, surfing, and hanging out with my friends. I joined Journalism because I love photography and enjoy having a voice. Currently, I am...

Linsey Towles

The Scroll, Co-Editor in Chief

Linsey Towles is a senior at Saugus High School. She has been a part of the Journalism program since freshman year and was the News Editor for the last two years. In addition to Journalism, she has swam on the Saugus swim team...

Danyale Schlender

The Scroll, Features Editor

I am Danyale Schlender and this is my second year with The Scroll. Last year I wrote for features and fell in love with it, this year I am now editor of my favorite section. Currently, I am a Junior and looking forward to this...

Spencer Gorka

The Scroll, Staff Writer

Spencer Gorka is a freshman this year. She loves to read especially christian novels like the Left Behind series and This Present Darkness. She also loves to write, but mostly narrative stories. She loves her family...

Ryan Vasquez

The Scroll, News and Sports Editor

Hi I’m Ryan Vasquez editor and writer in the sports and new section for the saugus scroll. I am a sophomore and love to run. I run varsity track and cross country for Saugus. I also sell handmade skirts and scrunchies....

Carter White

The Scroll, Staff Writer

Some information about Carter White, he is in 9th grade at Saugus High School, some of his interests are sports, reading, video games, and riding his dirt bike. Carter picked Journalism because it seemed interesting to him. A...

Kylie McLean

The Scroll, Staff Writer

Kylie McLean is a 9th grader who enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and playing volleyball. She loves animals and would like to be a zoologist. Writing is something she also has fun doing, which is why she joined...

Alice Mancilla

The Scroll, Staff Writer

My name is Alice Mancilla. I am in ninth grade and I am apart of Journalism here at Saugus High School. I chose Journalism because I've always been interested in writing and sharing stories. I love spending time with family and...

Marianne Meadows

The Scroll, Staff Writer

Marianne is in ninth grade and she writes for wellness and arts and entertainment. Marianne enjoys taking photos and writing. She really wanted to be a part of journalism because it would give her the opportunity to write and...

Samantha Orenlas

The Scroll, Staff Writer

I will write for the wellness section and I chose journalism because I have realized that a lot of friends close to me have been feeling very sad or down since quarantine started. And what I plan to do is spread awareness about...

Kelly Zarate

The Scroll, Co-Editor in Chief

This is Kelly. She is a senior at Saugus High School who joined journalism when she was a freshman, so far she has adored her time at The Scroll. Kelly is also in Academic Decathalon and on the school golf team. She loves being...

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