Guide to Cheaper Gas in SCV

Brandi Rivera, Staff Writer

Finding reasonable prices for gas is impossible! As a teenager it’s so difficult to find the money to buy gas. According to Gas Buddy, on average the cheapest gas you can find in SCV is $5.09 – $6.00 , compared to Orange County where on average the gas is $5.02 – $6.05. 


This cheap gas  is found at Sam’s Club for $5.03 per gallon, which seems less expensive in comparison to other gas stations in the SCV area. So to fill up your tank at Sam’s club you are paying the low price of $60.36 – $80.48 depending on how many gallons your car can hold.  On average a car takes 12 – 16 gallons of gas per visit.


Generally people get gas every week, due to commuting and everyday travel. With a typical month having 4 weeks, people are spending around $241.44 – $321.92 per month just on gas! 


Minimum wage in California is $15.00 per hour which is roughly around $2,600 a month. To earn the money you need to fill up your gas tank would be around 20 hours of work per week.


According to Kiplinger, gas prices have been crazy due to the COVID-19 pandemic  which “threw oil markets severely out of whack”. Since everyone was staying home, gas prices plummeted and went below zero at one point, but since everything has slowly opened up, everyone is trying to get back their lost time in 2020 and travel now, making the demand for gas skyrocket.


  In addition to the pandemic having an effect on the changes in gas prices, President Biden going into office also contributed. According to Kiplinger, Biden vowed to transition the U.S economy away from fossil fuels and instead, has chosen to use energy emissions.This change will affect gas prices for the future.