How to Stay Motivated During Online Learning

Stay motivated and stay positive by saying I can do it.

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Stay motivated and stay positive by saying “I can do it.”

Alice Mancilla, Co-Editor In Chief

Many Saugus students may be having difficulty adapting to the new online format and a loss of motivation. Learning from home makes online school susceptible to multiple distractions, which causes staying motivated such a difficult thing to do.

There are many ways to lose motivation, as well as gaining it again. Lack of motivation can come from stress or boredom of your daily routine. X-team states that students may have goals that put too much pressure on them or have little progress when trying to achieve them. Procrastination can play a major role in the loss of inspiration and causes your work to finish at a later time. This means that you will have a goal for a longer time instead of getting it done as soon as possible. Delaying projects causes low self-esteem and will lead you to miss out on many opportunities. These effects can lead to your loss of motivation and problems with mental health. 

One way you can bring back your motivation is by being optimistic and keeping away negative thoughts. For example, if you fail, always see it as an opportunity to try again and learn something new. Your goals should be activities that you enjoy doing and make you enthusiastic. Instead of taking advantage of opportunities to avoid failure, take advantage of opportunities to succeed, and enjoy what you are doing. Having this mindset can change your perspective on so many things. For example, many students may think of the classes they are currently in as credits for graduation. Instead, think of these classes as an opportunity to experience something new and to meet new people.  

Even though motivation seems like something that has to come from yourself, motivation can be created by another person. Someone can be encouraging you to achieve a goal that you are not passionate about. You should be able to do what you enjoy and be passionate about maintaining your inspiration. 

Furthermore, you can regain inspiration by setting “due dates” for your targets and objectives. Saugus Senior, Trinity Grillet explains, “ Some ways to stay motivated during school is to have an end goal.” Having an assigned time to finish a goal can make you finish it faster and give you the motivation for that assignment.  Ryan Korstange, a professor at Middle Tennessee University explains that if you have a big goal, you should break it into smaller pieces. For example, if you have a big project, break it down so that you do a part of it every week. Setting goals with an assigned deadline and breaking them down can create a more efficient process. Using a planner can also help you regain motivation in school.

Saugus Senior, Kelly Zarate, explains that “I feel a sense of accomplishment as I cross off the activities I know that I have to do. By doing this I can set up breaks, this keeps me motivated to get my work done as fast as possible so I can relax for the rest of the day without any worry or stress.” This demonstrates how a planner can not only keep your assignments organized but also increases your motivation for schoolwork.  

It is necessary to celebrate or to treat yourself when you accomplish something. Rewards can make a goal something worth doing and putting in all your effort in. Celebrating gives you the ability to focus on yourself and feel good about what you’ve accomplished and achieved.

 Additionally, you can stay motivated by creating a workspace that is free from distractions and one you are comfortable working in. Creating a workspace that abides by your mood can deeply affect your concentration and your approach to work. Also, pace yourself and not to overwork yourself. Working too hard or for too long can cause stress and anxiety, eventually leading to a lack of inspiration in your work. It also helps to take some time out of your day and remember your successes and accomplishments to motivate you with the goal you’re working on currently. 

Motivation is important because it allows you to stay productive for longer periods and gives you the ability to be more creative and engaging. According to Positive Psychology, motivation is what allows us to develop talents and grow interests in different subjects. Even though keeping motivation during stressful times is strenuous, it can benefit yourself and your mood. Losing motivation is very common, especially now in online learning environments, but it can also negatively impact your academic performance and your mental health. Keeping a positive outlook and perspective on life can help keep your spirit and motivation high.