The importance of communication

Donovan Reeves, Staff Writer

Humans today have inherited the ability to communicate. In our daily life, communication is what helps build relationships, allowing the population to connect with each other and share experiences. Defined, communication is a process by which information is exchanged 


between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior. Studies say there are four basic communication styles: passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive and assertive. It is important to understand each communication style and why individuals use them.  Many humans use verbal communication, which is communication with words that a person or others speak out loud,  nonverbal communication is about what is not said out loud as in gestures, body language and even facial expressions. People who are excellent communicators hold open honest opinions in a conversation to avoid situations like arguments or misunderstandings, ways of communicating involve a response, a receiver, a message, and feedback. Communication is important in today’s society – it is effective in workplaces, personal life, and also relationships. Studies shown from include speaking amongst each other can disseminate the information needed by employees to get things done and also builds relationships of trust and commitment. By socializing with another person at work, staff will gain the ability to be productive and operate smoothly, which reduces miscommunication.

 Every relationship can last depending on important factors, such as honesty, trust, and even speaking about emotions. Communication allows one to explain to someone else what they are experiencing and what their needs are. Talking about emotions within the relationship can also reduce stress, “Communication is a key thing in relationships. It is important to communicate on misunderstandings and disagreements so you and your partner will not end up separating and regretting it,” states Derek Ureta. Many relationships rely on speaking, Words of affirmation are words that communicate one’s love, appreciation, and respect for another person, usually uplifting their self-esteem. Chatting with students often includes socializing. It promotes a sense of safety and security to people because they get the feeling they can talk to them whenever without judgment. Yet with getting involved in someone’s personal life comes communicating which is tough for many students especially in school. Fear is one of the main causes of poor communication, as well as the lack of trust, and anxiety. When in a stressful situation, many individuals shut down or distance themselves from others in hopes of protecting themselves from any threats or harm.  Saugus student Gavin Peavy informs, “I don’t think people share their feelings because they don’t want to hold anyone back, even though you should always tell friends how you feel. They could be scared.” 

Numerous people use communication everyday. From body language to arguing with a friend, communicating is very important in this day and age, as Brett Davern revokes, “Just open, honest communication is the best thing in the world.”