Wellness Around Reading

Brandi Rivera, Staff Writer

Reading is greatly important and comes with many different benefits. It helps improve your focus, your mental health, reduce stress, and communication skills. So, if you struggle with any of these, reading can help improve the way you feel.


Reading helps relieve stress. Reading helps relax your body and mind because it lowers your heart rate; this eases all the tension in your body, relaxing your body and causing the stress to flow out of your body – leaving you feeling relaxed.


Not only does reading reduce stress, but it can improve your focus, attention span, and memory. While reading, it stimulates a part of your brain that affects concentration and attention. Reading for 30 minutes a day can positively improve your concentration, attention, and your memory.


While talking to Saugus High School students many said they don’t read or haven’t read in a long time and actually don’t enjoy it. Saugus High Student Gabe Fredo states, “I don’t really read like hard paper books anymore I mostly read media articles and I mostly read online media than books.” Many other students had the same response to reading but only because they have to for a class and they often don’t enjoy it.