Creative Outlets & Crafts to Stay Positive at Home


Photo Courtesy of Female Founders Fund

There are a variety of ways one can keep themselves busy and productive at home

Marianne Meadows, The Scroll, Staff Writer

While in quarantine, many Saugus students are struggling to keep themselves involved and find creative outlets that suit them. Many students may find that doing school from home is harder or less motivating. Others are okay with the online setting but are bored after the school day ends. There are plenty of students who need something to keep themselves busy and engaged. Whether it is a craft, sport, or new book, we’ve got something for you.

During this time of uncertainty, find something that brings you joy and helps you find balance. Many students have started learning new skills such as cooking, sewing, knitting, drawing, or learning a new sport. If you are interested in writing, poetry, painting or anything of the sort, you should focus on a submission for Saugus Literary Magazine. Feel free to reach out to the Saugus Lit Mag coordinator, Brant Botton, with questions about submissions and requirements.  

If you prefer crafts, consider doing a fall-themed craft or recipe. This may include pumpkin doodles, or a fall leaf press, or even baking pumpkin bread.  Saugus News Network (SNN) provides a weekly cooking segment too. Cooking is a good way to try new things. You could even consider cooking for your family  once a week. Whether you teach yourself or watch a video, try and learn a new hobby. It is a good way to get your mind off of things you are stressing about. 

Reading is also a great escape when trying to maintain a positive attitude. Go off on a magical quest, battle dragons, or climb Mount Everest. Reading gives you power.  Books series such as the Harry Potter series, Divergent series, Red Queen series, Hunger Games series, and The Maze Runner series are all currently popular book series you could start at home. 

Although activities may keep you busy and distracted, you should still try and find time to help others. You can even reach out to a relative and catch up. You could ask what it was like for them when they were your age. You could compare it to your current situation. If you feel as though you and  your friends are far a part, play a game (make sure to social distance and wear a mask) or meet in a parking lot and talk. You could even do a Netflix Party, video chat, or play games together on the same server. Having a connection with others will keep your spirits up when they feel like they might crumble. 

Self-care is a very important topic and an investment in one’s well being. Although activities may keep you distracted and thinking about other things, you still need time to do your schoolwork and to focus on yourself. Relaxation can be found in yoga or bike riding. Try to take a social media break from time to time and think about yourself as a person, not who the internet wants you to be. Apps such as Headspace, Down Dog, and Calm may give you the push you need. Meditation can even help you relax by clearing your mind and keeping you in a mentally healthy state.

 Whether you value exercise, reading, nature, or self care, there are plenty of ways to stay connected with yourself and others. Make sure to find time for yourself and the other people in your life. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to reach out to one of the counselors or the school social worker. Their contact information will be listed below. 



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Social Worker

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