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The Device Photography The Camera Canon Image

Erica Park, Staff writer

Today was the interview with Solomon Jenkins, an actor notoriously famous for not doing any interaction with the media until now. During his student years, it was rumored that he had a bad temper, but he was spotted still struggling to control his voice as an adult.

The camera lights flashed, fans cheered, and crowds mobbed around him as he walked into the interview.

“I am here with the famous actor Solomon Jenkins, also known to play the role of Xander in the recently released action movie, Silver Bullet!”

I watched with nostalgia as he glared at the camera. He was the loud kid in the 2006 graduate senior class. Our classes were neighboring ones and we would often throw stink bombs at each other, making our respective classes reek of disgusting gas.

Solomon and I were rivals, competing over everything; including which raindrop would reach the ground first. He lost.

A smile creeped up to my face as I watched the interview.

“I heard you were in the same high school as the rumored acting rival, also the co-lead of Silver Bullet, Rhian Laurens! Was she your rival back then too?” The interviewer asked, glancing down at her notes with an awkward smile because of Solomon’s deadpan expression.

“She wasn’t. My actual rival was in the class next to mine. His name is Simeon. We would prank each other endlessly. If you’re watching this Simeon, you still owe me those five dollars.” Solomon’s face finally seemed to lighten up.

“Haha! Seeing how extreme you are, how were the pranks?”

“This one time, he hid a spider in my shoes, and I had to wash the blood later. The spider was somehow really full of liquids, and the blood went everywhere!” He exasperatedly huffed, “Made this horrendous deflating balloon noise when I stepped on it. Absolutely disgusting.”

I laughed, remembering our youth; a time when I wasn’t a slave hacking away at the front of a computer screen for a nosy boss. When I had dreams and motivations. It felt good to see how I made an impact, albeit small, on someone infamous.

It felt good to be remembered.