Honey, I’m Home! Frozen Honey Trend

Mel Toney, Food Editor

There has been a lot of buzz around a new internet trend concerning the bees and frozen honey! Around the world, social media has influenced some insane ideas and inspired new projects, especially during quarantine where so much time was spent at home. People had to find a new way to spice up their condiments at home.

Courtesy of Hello Yummy

This sweet new snack has taken the world by storm. It all started as the frozen honey trend on a platform called Tik Tok, where people make short videos from 15-60 seconds about hot topics. When a user named Dave Ramierez, with a following of over 5 million followers, decided to put his honey in his freezer, everyone was shocked by the innovation. It turned out way better than anyone could imagine! This sparked a new phenomenon worldwide, with many trendsetters transferring their honey from the pantry to the freezer for all their viewers to see.

When frozen, this only creates a thick and toothpaste-like consistency. Some people eat it straight out of the bottle while others add it on toast or whatever else they think it might taste good added to. Anything is possible with this and the opportunities are endless how you can use it!

How do you make this frozen honey? It is just as easy as it sounds. Just take 100% honey and freeze it as is, in the container it comes in. Leaving it in the freezer longer creates a more solid substance while freezing it for a shorter amount of time allows for a more runny and common consistency (I prefer mine frozen around two or two and a half hours for the perfect texture.)

Especially with bees being endangered, bringing awareness to their honey can help humans be more cautious of interfering with them, allowing bees to reproduce and stay around longer. Honey has been around forever and people consistently find new ways to add or enjoy this condiment on new foods. This is just an extension of the creative ability that makes a yummy treat for a hot day!