Essentials of Spirituality

Lola Gagich, Staff Writer

Spirituality is a practice that follows the beliefs of something greater, with a goal of opening the heart and soul to a more fulfilling purpose. Though the subject has recently become more popular among teens, many people believe that spirituality began with Hinduism around 2500 BC.

Spirituality was one of the first representations of a real religion or belief. Although a lot of religions can be considered spirituality, the practice is subject to the user. 

Many believers of this subject use different items for the practice. One aspect of spirituality that many are celebrating right now are crystals. They are believed to alter energies and bring positivity to the user. Some crystals and their purposes are as follows:

  • Rose quartz: Brings love and emits positive vibrations
  • Amethyst: Brings peace, can help with sleep
  • Moldavite: Removes negativity
  • Lapis Lazuli: Brings strength, was historically worn to keep evil away
  • Hematite: Brings stability, absorbs negative energy
  • Selenite: Represents light and safety, can cleanse other crystals
  •  Clear Quartz: Promotes healing
  • Amazonite: Emits general success such as money 
  • Tigers eye: Prevents anxiety and helps with stability

The list above highlights only some of the wide variety of crystals that contain many different purposes. 

Although crystals are popular, that isn’t all spirituality consists of. Spirituality can be as simple as essential oils or as complicated as astral projection. 

With basic tasks like taking a walk to appreciate nature or practicing yoga, one can become more spiritual and in tune with themselves everyday. One of spirituality’s messages is that anything can be ritualistic or sacred. Simply taking a moment to take a breath can lead to a more serene life. One of the most effective ways to become closer to oneself is by journaling. Journaling feelings and aspects of life that cause gratitude is a great way to change an individual’s outlook on life. 

Many people are also taking notice of angel numbers. Angel numbers are repetitive numbers such as 111 ,222, 333, etc. They all have different meanings but are believed to symbolize messages from higher beings acknowledging individuals or the situation they are in. For instance, if a person ever found themselves seeing a number over and over, writing down the thoughts/feelings experienced when that number is seen would be effective. It can help to reflect and decode the message sent. This practice can also be used to document how often the numbers are seen.

Despite the current stigma around crystals, spirituality is much more than that. It connects individuals to something greater than themselves.