No One Here Gets Out Alive

Bri Cashpar, Staff Writer

 Poetry.. The first thing you’re probably thinking is rhymes or lyricism, it’s more than that, there is so much more to poetry than just rhymes on a lined paper. Poetry tells you stories of agony, depression, blissfulness, euphoria, enjoyment. In a sense of reality they tell you many things, different aspects of life, life of a different person. 

One of my favorite poets named Allen Ginsberg goes into depth with his life back in the 1950s, he was born on June 3 1926 and died in 1997. He grew up in New York where he lived with his father and mother, His father Louis Gingsberg who was a poet himself taught him English. Growing up he would read in cafe’s and libraries, he found inspiration in jazz music and the culture that surrounded it. He considered Edgar Allan Poe his favorite poet, eager to follow his dream. He received a scholarship to Columbia University. In his poetry, he would write what would be going on in the 60s which was the championed gay rights, antiwar movements, protesting the Vietnam war. He would also talk about his relationship with his mother who was mentally unstable, which is where I come in to understanding his words in his book Kaddish.  Growing up in a mentally unstable home has many of its consequences, it’s draining for children, it affects a person’s way of seeing the world. I can understand him in a certain way, and others may find comfort in his writing in another way. My favorite line in his book Kaddish that he’s written says, “ I am so lonely in my glory… except they too out there.. I looked up… those red bush blossoms beckoning and peering in the window waiting in blind love, their leaves too have hope and are upturned top flat to the sky to receive… all creation open to receive… the live earth itself.” This line means a lot to me. What I think it means is losing faith within yourself because you only have yourself, but also seeing the light that never goes out, with hope you can come across the conflicts in your life. Personally I started getting into poetry when I started listening to The Doors, I was always interested in Jim Morrison’s music and lyrics itself, Jim was the lead singer for The Doors from 1965 -1973, and soon later died in ‘73. His lyrics are interesting and the sounds and rhythm he makes it to be, it all blends in so well. Poetry means a lot to me because it will also be my escape from the world, and brings me to the reality I would rather be in.