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After much backlash of the Hart mascot, many local activists have pushed for it's retirement.

The Insensitivity of “Indian” Mascots

Kelly Zarate, The Scroll, Co-Editor in Chief
February 19, 2021
Critically acclaimed film

Outdated Golden Globe Rules Reflect Hollywood Exclusivity

Linsey Towles, The Scroll, Co-Editor in Chief
February 5, 2021
It can be difficult to keep one's cool when debating. How do we approach discussions respectfully?

Voicing Opinions on Controversial Topics

Mia Siddons Mata, The Scroll, Staff Writer
November 13, 2020
Activist push for the removal of the monument Mount Rushmore,in South Dakota

Controversy at Mount Rushmore

Spencer Gorka, The Scroll, Staff Writer
October 27, 2020
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