The Dark Truth About Andrew Tate

Samantha Egan and Brooklyn Stevenson

Andrew Tate is a famous influencer amongst teens and young adults. His fame started from being a professional kickboxer, and being featured on many YouTube videos and podcasts. However, after watching and listening to theses videos and podcasts, you will hear many misogynistic remarks as well as rape statements. Tate is currently facing multiple allegations for rape and human trafficking. 

In a interview with The Fella podcast featuring Andrew Tate, he talks about his ideal women in a sexist manner, “A female who comes to me and says ‘I look at your life and look at what you’ve done and I respect your achievements to point I obey you blindly, I don’t want her to have her own opinion, I don’t want her to be an alpha.” It is obvious that Tate believes women should submit to their husbands and obey every single one of their demands. 


He views women as sexual property rather than human beings who do not have a voice and the right to be free as well as expressive even if it goes against tradition. Not only does he believe in the alpha male philosophy, but he does not find dating extremely young women wrong as well. 


During a Facebook Live interview, Tate begins to talk about a hypothetical situation of meeting a significant other, he describes,”Let’s say you meet a beautiful nineteen-year-old woman with a low body count, I’m the second man she will sleep with in her life.” 


He later defends himself by mentioning, “in Moscow you can walk into a club and there will be a sixty-year-old mafia boss surrounded by eighteen-year-olds[…] it’s completely normal.” It’s important to address that this thirty-five-year-old man considers women, who are barely adults and still technically in their teens, his ideal significant other. 

Tate desires underage, submissive women because in his mind they are easily gullible and he can treat them like property as much as he pleases. This man only wants more power within a relationship and entrepreneurship as well.

Not only does Tate believe in very misogynistic views, he also has a long history of rape and human trafficking. According to The Daily Beast, “ In one video on his YouTube channel, Andrew Tate said, ‘40 percent of the reason he moved to Romania was because Romanian police were less likely to pursue sexual assault allegations.” 


However, Tate did not remain innocent for long, Australian News evidences, “Last April, his home was visited by Romanian police regarding allegations that a woman was being detained there against her will, was being trafficked, and had been raped (allegations he has denied).” 


Currently, all of these allegations are an ongoing investigation by law enforcement, but this does spark concern on how many women have been victims of Andrew Tate and if some are being detained today. 


Due to all of Tate’s wrongdoings, all of his businesses have been shut down, and he is completely banned off of all social media platforms. Investigations are still continuing in regarding his rape and human trafficking allegations, but hopefully charges are pressed soon and no more young children and teens will follow this malevolent man with a dark truth. 

Photo courtesy The Independent