Outrageous Laws that Surprisingly Exist

Kailyn Dawkins, Features Editor

There are different laws all around the world, some of them not always making sense. America has its own set of “interesting laws” across the country, each state having several. Not all these laws are still in place while some still are. Most of these laws are outright crazy, but great material to make fun of.

In the state we call home, California definitely has a few kooky laws. One of these laws is that a vehicle without a driver cannot exceed the speed limit of 60mph. While self-driving vehicles are becoming more common, one has to wonder… who’s going to get the ticket if the car gets pulled over? Another law comes from the city, Eureka. For any of the men with mustaches, make sure you don’t kiss a woman in that town because apparently it is illegal! The barber shops must make a large amount of profit thanks to that law. In San Francisco and Long Beach, it is illegal to store anything in the garage other than an automobile. So much for making your garage into a personal storage room.

Moving on, several states have their own set of weird laws. In Wyoming, intoxicated skating is illegal. What had to happen to get that passed as a law? What about the people whose Saturday night plans involved such activities . In Washington, it is illegal to kill Bigfoot, so no need to worry Bigfoot enthusiasts! The mythological creature is perfectly safe, assuming it’s real. However, the hunting of raccoons is legal in Virginia! Even on Sundays, when hunting any other animal is illegal. I guess Virginia has a raccoon issue.

There are plenty more silly laws in the US of A, you can bet there’s at least 10 weird ones in Florida, but these are just a few! Feel free to do more research on these outrageous laws, they can always be used for jokes when in conversation!