Gun Control Now

Brooklyn Stevenson, Staff writer

Many can agree there are many flaws in America. Some flaws are more severe than others, especially those that cost lives of human beings. Gun violence in America still remains a major problem with, “ 611 mass shootings occurring around the country”, according to CNN. This number only applies to last year, there are usually about 100,000 firearm deaths per year.  Most perpetrators own guns in their own homes or access to a ghost gun. Guns should not be kept in average American homes, but some individuals still want to keep their so-called “ precious weapons” with them.

Many believe mass shootings only occur in areas known for high crime rates. That; however, proves completely false. About two years ago, Saugus High School became a part of the school shooting statistics. Two students were killed, three were injured, and many now cannot see the school as safe any more. The most angering part of this all, would be the amount of people who believe guns should have rights and these weapons are not the problem. Gun control must be enforced heavily and they are indeed a serious problem.

Here are the average gun control regulations in America:

  • Handguns can only be sold to a person 21 years or older
  • Fugitives are prohibited from owning guns 
  • Some states allow firearms to be carried in public
  • Background checks are required 

Unfortunately, there are many strategies to get around many of these requirements. Ghost guns are available for purchase to criminals or minors. Ghost guns are not trackable and are completely homemade weapons available to all through an online purchase. Individuals should also not be carrying guns in public as well. Guns should be kept in a government regulated facility that includes high security and no guns should be kept at home or in a person’s hand in public. Many argue their reasons for safety, but guns and weapons as a whole are not the answer to safety. There are security systems out there and safe technology for protection against roaming fugitives. Alarms can be set up and even security locks as well for protection. No one ends up injured, law enforcement can be alerted through these systems, and above all not one weapon becomes involved.

“ At least 2 million people are living with firearm injuries around the globe… Millions of people suffer the severe and long-term psychological effects ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and trauma) that gun violence – or the threat of gun violence – brings to individuals, families and their wider community” ( Amnesty International). While these statistics cannot be eliminated completely, they can be decreased. For this to happen people must be educated on the statistics of firearm incidents and make changes to the current gun control laws. Guns are given way too many rights and not enough restrictions. In some states guns are sold at average stores and people are allowed to carry them in public. These states include Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah. There are also numerous ways for any individual regardless of criminal status to get their hands on a gun. People should realize guns are given too much leniency and now are in the hands of criminals who should not own a weapon at all.

Granted, in recent times the Biden administration is taking action towards these issues and restrictions are becoming more and more strict. However, more needs to be done. Guns really should be banned and there are countries such as Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom who banned guns in their regions after one incident. No mass shootings occurred there since the incidents and many lives were saved. Murder rates in these areas are much lower than here in America because a gun tends to be a weapon of choice amongst criminals. People argue an amendment exists in the constitution for guns. Even though that proves true, a fine line exists between freedom and security. Guns should receive more restrictions for security and not freedom to end up in the wrong hands. Keeping human lives safe should be the number one priority over weapons.

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