Studying Tips and Tricks!

Kailyn Dawkins, Features Editor

As the school year starts again, many students have to get back into the groove of tests and quizzes. On top of this, students are getting used to having to study for upcoming assessments and quizzes. There are several different methods to get back into the groove of studying, some better than others. Here are some tips and tricks to study in the best way possible as well as some no goes when it comes to studying.

Image taken from Student Space

One tip is to create a great studying environment by eliminating all distractions. Study in a quiet room with few people around. Try putting your phone in another room as well or silence it, that way you won’t feel inclined to check it and interrupt your study session. Another tip would be setting aside times to study. Create a schedule that designates times that you will spend studying. This schedule allows you to work around the times you have dedicated to studying and still leave room for you to do other things.

Another suggested tip would be to leave room for breaks. Breaks are just as important as studying. Taking breaks allows your brain to rest and take in the information. The break helps you retain information easier throughout the study session. According to Cornell Health, a department that stems from Cornell University, states, “Research shows that taking purposeful breaks (anywhere from 5–60 minutes) from studying to refresh your brain and body increases your energy, productivity, and ability to focus.” A recommended 15-20 minute break is just what is needed during an intense study session, so make sure to give your head a rest!

After listing some do’s, here are some don’ts you should try to avoid. Don’t wait till the last minute before studying! As soon as you know when your text test is, start putting aside time to study. These periods can start out as short before taking up more time as you get more material for said test. By prolonging your studying, you not only waste time, but also add stress on yourself the closer the testing day comes.

Don’t multitask while studying. Focus only on studying during that period of time. Trying to do multiple things at once can lead to forgetting the information you’re meant to retain. Stay organized as well. Keep track of old notes and assignments to look back on while you study. Not only does it create a good habit of implementing organizational skills, it will also help in the long term as a way to look back and review old lessons.

Using these tips and tricks can improve your studying habits immensely and will help your studying process. Following the advice will help you with preparing for upcoming tests and quizzes!