5 Helpful Yoga Tips

Anna Kerdoon, Staff writer

Do you need a way to unwind after work or school? If so, then yoga is the perfect thing for you.

After having a long stressful day, relaxing is essential. Not only does yoga relax your body, it also calms your brain and well-being.  There are many great reasons why yoga aids one’s physical and mental health. Before getting started, , here’s a few tips that will make one’s  yoga experience remarkable.

Clear your mind

When performing yoga, it is important to clear the mind and ease the soul. Taking  a walk, meditating, or tidying up are practical ways to accomplish this. This would allow one to have a more balanced and relaxed experience.

Eat a light-healthy meal

In order to exercise, energy is required. Since food is fuel, it is crucial that a light meal is consumed at least 1 hour prior to the yoga session. According to When You Should Eat Before Yoga, author Ann Pizer states that fruit, protein, nuts, sports bars, and grains are recommended. She also advises to avoid greasy/fried foods, hard boiled eggs, garlicky foods, and smoothies because they can be harsh on your stomach during yoga sessions.

Wake up early

Yoga related or not, waking up early can be essential to one’s day. By waking up early, there is more motivation to go to bed early. For example, if an individual knows she has to wake up at 6 am, she is not going to want to go to bed at 3 am. In addition, going to sleep early and getting at least 8 hours of sleep aids one’s concentration.


While in a yoga class, it is important to be positive and mindful of others. This will allow the experience to be more enjoyable for everyone. If one is doing yoga solo, having a positive mindset can relieve stress and clear the soul. Staying upbeat affects everyone positively.


Whether an individual is  working out or not, staying hydrated is ALWAYS essential. Recommended water intake depends on a person’s weight. If  interested in the amount of water that should be consumed, simply type it into Daily Water Intake Calculator. Plan on drinking an extra amounts of water if participating in physical activity.