Importance of Intellectual Wellness


Samantha Orenlas, The Scroll, Staff Writer

An intellectual person is someone who engages in critical thinking, research, and reflection to advance discussions. Some telltale signs of being an intellectual are signs of empathy, being observant, constantly wanting to learn more, and being able to keep calm in hectic situations. Although being an intellectual may seem intriguing, it should not be sought solely for the title. Being intellectually well can benefit you personally and professionally. 

One of the reasons why being intellectually well is important is because it’s beneficial in different areas. For example, intellectual self-care helps channel your inner thoughts and emotions. This will lead you to find out more about yourself, what you love to do and what’s best for you. Having this is a strength that many often lack.

 According to “It is about expanding your mind and intelligence to be a smarter you…also about practicing mindfulness and having a positive mindset.” Failure is something that finds us all and is bound to happen to everyone but having the intellect as a sort of backup for yourself, already puts you ahead of the game. 

Another way in which being intellectually well is beneficial is for business. Since the beginning of time humans have always evolved and become smarter because of trial and error. They’ve consistently relied on creativity to create our future. In an article by they mention, “Companies view intellectual ability as one of the most valuable attributes in employees. This ability deals with mental capabilities such as excellent memory, verbal comprehension, reasoning, analyzing, and problem solving” 

This is because in an age of technology with endless knowledge at everyone’s fingertips, it’s difficult to find original and creative people. Intellect has always been and probably will always be like an endless form of currency that you can have. There’s never a limit to how much you can learn or what you can create. 

If you are looking to become more intellectually advanced here are some tips to gain and maintain intellect. In order to become more advanced intellectually  you must try new things regularly. Doing the same routine everyday is repetitive and can stunt your growth of knowledge and your growth as a person. Another way to improve your intellect is by reading, it’s so important! says: “Reading creates an atmosphere for reflection and analytical thought. You pause and consider what you read. The practice of reading demands attention. Simply by concentrating, you stimulate your mind and increase your brainpower.” It’s so important to read a little bit everyday, it’s a great way to improve vocabulary, improve creativity and to learn about new things. 

In order to maintain intellectual wellness you’d need to do things along the lines of what was just mentioned previously but remember not to do the same thing everyday. Challenge yourself so you can grow and remember that failing at something just means that you aren’t afraid to try. Always push towards a better and smarter you!