Lebron James Leads Lakers to NBA Championship


Photo Courtesy of NPR

Los Angeles Lakers Celebrate their Championship Win on the Court

Ryan Vasquez, The Scroll, News and Sports Editor

The NBA championship battle between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat lasted six games and ended on October 11. The Lakers brought home another championship and Lebron James brought home the fourth in his career after being on the team for just two seasons. 

The Lakers faced off against James’ former team the Miami Heat, on which James won championships in 2012 and 2013. Before trading back to his previous team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he played from 2003 to 2010. James won his third NBA championship with the Cavaliers back in 2016.

James is arguably one of the most talented players currently in the NBA, scoring roughly 2,000 points per season and recording 34,241 points overall. James was named rookie of the year for the 2003- 2004 season and is also a four time winner of the NBA MVP award. Most recently for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2013, and now in 2020.

On October 4th the Lakers beat the Heat in game six of the NBA finals, 106 to 93. The Lakers had won games 1,2,4 and 6. This championship was the Lakers’ 17th championship, tying them with the Celtics for the most championships in the NBA, but this championship “would have it’s own special meaning” said CBS sports.

 This of course being because of the recent death of Laker legend Kobe Bryant. Bryant won 5 championships with the Lakers in his career before he retired in 2016. He died unexpectedly in a helicopter crash earlier this year. “I promise I’ll continue [Bryant’s] legacy,” stated James. 

While Bryant’s legacy was channeled into the victory of the championships this year, many Laker fans still question how James’ skills compare to Bryant’s. James spoke to fans as he was awarded the MVP trophy: “I want my [respect] , it means a lot to represent this franchise.” 

However, many fans may have not even seen James’ comment because this  championship was one of the least watched championships ever, according to Yahoo Sports. This could be due to the overshadowing of President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis or other media channels choosing not to broadcast the finals and showing more programs related to the impending election.

Another factor in the decline of the viewers this year could be due to political statements that NBA players have made.  In a news conference Lebron James explained that justice” is not a movement” but a  way of life and that what is currently happening” is not progress”.

Some fans would say that athletes may need to step out of the world of politics to “move on to positive resolutions and outcomes that begin with constructive and healthy conversations.”as Dan Gilbert told the NBA. But James has not backed down telling the Hill “I think when [an] issue comes up, if you feel passionate about it or you feel like it’s something you want to talk about, then so be it”.