Interview with ASB Executive Treasurer Brooke Risley

Meet the New ASB Executive Board for the 2020-2021 School Year


Photo courtesy of Brooke Risley.

Senior Brooke Risley uses her Star Wars campaign to become Saugus’ Executive Treasurer.

Linsey Towles, The Scroll, Co-Editor and Chief

As this year’s Executive Treasurer, what goals for the school do you have in mind?

As the Treasurer, it’s my job to keep track of money and checking accounts for clubs. I would love to see more clubs be able to fundraise and open up Purchase Order accounts to be able to spend their money to achieve their goals. Also on Executive board as a whole, thinking of the best ways possible to experience high school with a global pandemic occurring, and also make it feel like a safe and enjoyable environment.

What does your position mean to you personally?

Being Treasurer is super fun, I get a lot of interaction with the advisors at our school and with Susie who runs the ASB store and the technical side of ASB. I am learning to many real life skills about taxes, banking and checking and much more that I am very thankful to know sooner rather than later. Being on the executive board as a whole is a huge honor. As an underclassman in ASB I looked up to the executive board and it is crazy to be on the other side of it now.

What was it like campaigning this year? Any specific support system that encouraged you?

Campaigning was a lot different online. Mostly my sister, who is a second year in college helped me a lot with making online posts and being supportive

How would you describe the new board’s team dynamic?

The dynamic is honestly amazing. Me, Smriti, Katie and Hannah have been close for a long time and always joke about “girl exec” and it finally came true! And Mason grew up with two sisters so he is used to our crazy and weird talk. We are all honestly really close and when it comes to making decisions, it’s a really smooth process.