Interview with ASB Executive Secretary Smirti Saxena

Meet the New ASB Executive Board for the 2020-2021 School Year


Photo courtesy of Smriti Saxena.

Senior Smriti Saxena works hard to become ASB Executive Secretary.

Linsey Towles, The Scroll, Co-Editor and Chief

As this year’s Executive Secretary what goals for the school do you have in mind?

This year, given the current circumstances regarding COVID-19, I hope to still make the 2020-21 school year enjoyable for all students. I hope that I can make Saugus a safe place for all students. I want everyone to feel like they are welcome and loved at Saugus.

What does your position mean to you personally?

To me, personally, this position means being a friend to everyone at Saugus and being someone who students can reach out to when they need to. Along with my obligations as secretary, such as keeping track of the minutes during meetings or keeping the executive board organized, I want to be able to allow the student body to voice their wants and opinions, and hopefully implement them into ASB and the events we hold.

What was it like campaigning this year? Any specific support system that encouraged you?

Due to COVID-19, we weren’t able to hold regular in-person elections like we usually do, but we have online elections for the first time. Obviously it was a lot harder to advertise, since the only way of advertising was through social media. The biggest thing that really helped my election was the support I got from my friends. I made a story post and sent it to some of my friends and they all reposted it and spread the word. Usually we would make posters and flyers and hand items out, but I wasn’t able to do that digitally, so this was the best I could do.

How would you describe the new board’s team dynamic?

I think this new executive board is going to be great. We all know each other very well and have been friends before we were elected. Currently we are all focused on making the best of this year, even with distance learning. All of us have different leadership styles and personalities, so I think this board will really be able to work together well and get different inputs on ideas we may have.