Interview with ASB Executive Vice President Hannah Watson

Meet the New ASB Executive Board for 2020-2021 School Year


Photo courtesy of Hannah Watson.

Senior Hannah Watson is the newest Saugus’ newest Executive Vice President.

Linsey Towles, The Scroll, Co-Editor and Chief

As this year’s Executive Vice President, what goals for the school do you have in mind?

The main goal for this year is to allow students to feel comfortable and safe on campus and even at home due to distance learning. Inclusivity and unity as a school has been very patchy especially within the past year and my goal is to allow students to feel safe and included,  and not afraid of being bullied due to their race, sexuality, religious beliefs or even political beliefs. I want to make sure everyone feels supported and accepted no matter the distance and current circumstances.

What does your position mean to you personally?

To me my position is very significant due to the past executive vice presidents before me. Since I was a little freshman on campus and in ASB I looked up to the Executive board as whole but especially vice president. I want to be a role model and ally to other students and classmates. I hope to inspire students to be spirited, love the school as much as I do, and love the students on and off campus as much as I do.

What was it like campaigning this year? Any specific support system that encouraged you?

This year campaigning was very different. Although every year candidates are able to campaign and advertise on social media, the main contribution to campaign is usually face to face. In my past campaigns, reaching out and meeting new students day brunch or lunch was important and helpful to not only meet new students I may not have known but also to get my ideas and name out there. Having a large support system through old teammates or friends was super helpful because they all knew how committed and fit for the job I am.

How would you describe the new board’s team dynamic?

This year’s new executive board is very driven and hardworking as we are all passionate about and love Saugus. With a board of 4 seniors and 1 junior we are more widespread and diverse allowing us to reach every group and grade level on campus. All of us on the board have been in ASB for 2-3 years, so we are very committed and experienced in leadership as well as being connected to the majority of the students at Saugus. We rarely disagree and all of our personalities balance each other out when working together.