Interview with ASB Executive President Katie Thanaet

Meet the New ASB Executive Board for 2020-2021 School Year


Photo courtesy of Katie Thanet.

Katie Thanet, a senior at Saugus and the newest Centurion Executive President.

Linsey Towles, Co-Editor and Chief

As this year’s Executive President, what goals for the school do you have in mind?

As Executive President, I want to find more unique and fun ways to include everyone on our campus, not just within one group or sport. Leading off with that, I want to establish a better overall connection within the student body across the entire campus and ensure every student is getting an event or activity they can enjoy. Throughout the year I hope to maintain a good line of communication with students and our ASB program, so people feel able to reach out to us and express their ideas or concerns.

What does your position mean to you personally?

To me personally, this position is just a way for me to give the students a voice. I want to solely be the liaison that makes events and schools in general a better time based on what my peers want. I look at it more as an opportunity to help others and use my platform to promote and create ideas that they want. It has nothing to do with the title or being above anyone else, just about encouraging student expression, establishing involvement for all, and creating a positive campus for all 2,500 students

What was it like campaigning this year? Any specific support system that encouraged you?

Campaigning this year was definitely a lot different from previous years. Transitioning to an exclusively online campaign to individuals through social media and creating a firm base of social media presence in order to just at least let people know I was running. Anyone who would reach out, respond back, repost and just let me know they believed in me and that I could fulfill this position was a huge help for me. It encouraged me to push even harder and fight for the position I had dreamed of.

How would you describe the new board’s team dynamic?

The new board’s dynamic is great, we’ve all been friends previously to being on board together and we all have a mix of personalities that clash well with each other and bring plenty of new ideas to the table. We all get along and can joke and have fun, but get to business when it is needed, which is a really great thing so we aren’t just strictly formal all the time. I would say overall there is an amazing dynamic between all five of us and I can’t wait to work with them more.