Outer Banks season 3 released

Photo Courtesy of https://www.today.com/popculture/tv/outer-banks-season-2-recap-rcna64989

Photo Courtesy of https://www.today.com/popculture/tv/outer-banks-season-2-recap-rcna64989

Kailey McCall, Staff Writer

The new season of Outer Banks came out on February 23, 2022. The previous season came out in July 2021. With the new addition of Cleo, who wasn’t a main character in season two. A total of 10 new episodes were in this season and there was a ton going on, with Ward and Big John coming back. This caused a ton of plot changes that none of us saw coming. 


The season starts out with the group in Pougelandia, the island they got stranded on. They are there for several weeks and end up getting saved by a plane. When they are picked up, they notice something is wrong and they think the pilot might be working for Ward. They end up landing in Barbados where Kiara ends up getting kidnapped by Singh. Singh believes that Kiara  has a clue to El Dorado, a city of gold. Rafe ends up in Barbados because he was going to sell Singh the cross. While Rafe and Kiara are held captive, the rest of the Pogues attempt to save Kiara, but end up getting caught forcing them to run off Singh’s property before guards can get them.


They finally get Kiara back and they find a boat to leave the island, John B gets left behind to search for Big John. He ends up finding his father and they leave Barbados quickly. John B finds out that his friends left without him, so Big John and John B leave the island and escape Singh and his men for now. They all end up meeting back up at Outer Banks and reconnecting with their families. Kiara and Pope’s parents are so happy to finally see their children again. 


When they all get back to the island John B and Big John go look for the clue that Singh wanted. They visit an old history teacher who has the extra copy of it. When they get there Singh’s men are already there and get it before John B and his dad. Singh’s men use their boat to hurry off the island. John B and Big John catch up to them and end up getting it back, even though they had to kill both of them. After the struggle to find clues, Big John is captured by Singh and his men to South America. While John B is searching for El Dorado clues, Sarah goes and sees Topper and spends the day with him. She ends up kissing Topper and feels extremely bad about it afterwards. 


When John B gets back home, he goes and gets the pogues to go to South American to save his dad. As they are leaving, they realize that they don’t have Kiara, how gets shipped off to a boarding school by her parents. JJ hears about this and ends up driving out to the school, breaks in and saves Kiara. He then takes her to the plane to head off to South America, which they barely make it there in time. Sarah tells John B what she did and he ends up forgiving her not that long after. They all head up to South American and they end up getting split up. John B, Big John and Sarah end up running into Ward, while they are searching for the gold. They end up finding a really good clue, but they end up seeing Singh there. Singh shoots Big John, but they escape and find a cave that might be a clue to the gold of El Dorado. Sarah and John B go into the cave and end up having to go through water and lots of jumps to find it. They find El Dorado and put chunks of gold into their backpacks and they plan on coming back for more. While Big John waits in the cave, Singh ends up finding him and waits for Sarah and John B to return. Singh almost shoots them until Big John threatens to throw dynamite at him. Big John throws it at Singh and he most likely ends up dying while Sarah, Big John and John B end up getting out.


They next see Ward who tries to steal the gold from them by shooting them. Out of nowhere the rest of the Pogues show up and end up protecting them, then one of Singhs men also shows up. Singhs men were about to shoot Sarah until Ward stepped in front of the gun, throwing him and Singhs men down a cliff killing them both. Then, they hurry to get Big John medical attention because he is on the brink of dying. Unfortunately, he doesn’t end up making it but the rest of the pouges all end up back in the Outer Banks. The next scene takes place 18 months in the future and hints at what could possibly happen in the next season. They show a man that has some clue to another thing of gold possibly or some sort of treasure. 


Abby Viniello, a Junior at Saugus High school said, “Personally I hate Big John he makes me so angry. Rafe got really hot this season good lord. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this season, season 1 and 2 were really good this one was fine but it could have been way way  better.”


My opinion of this season was that it was an ok season, I thought that season 1 and 2 were a lot better, and I think they tried to make this season more complicated. Unfortunately this made it somewhat hard to follow along with. In the new season there was so much gold hunting and it wasn’t like the seasons before where they included their romance and home life, which made the audience  connect with the characters more. Overall the season was not that bad, but I feel like there were some things they could have added to make it more interesting and easier to watch.