Saturday Schools Tardies Is Stupid

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Donovan Reeves, Staff Writer

Saturday School has existed as a consequence for unexcused absences or behavior issues, it was first founded in 1986 by Thomas Sir. Many people may say the importance of it is to 

practice for attendance and make students work independently and quietly. Students who have behavior issues and/or are not coming to school will be assigned Saturday school or after school detention, parents are also notified when a student is assigned them. Although these reasons may be true, Saturday school is a waste of time with nothing productive during it. Former Saugus student Yahav Libet informs,”Saturday school is not a smart way of disciplining students because a lot of the time they would not be able to attend because they are busy and it is a waste of time since nobody is going to remember or care about it, after they won’t change and will repeat their actions.” Studies from the show that Saturday school cannot fix any other problems as in why a student can be late, like from sports, homework etc. Teachers and students waste their time on a Saturday with family and friends to go to a place that one does not want to be in. The stress from students in school increases throughout the year from concerns about not having enough friends, not being able to keep up with friends. The weekend was created to give workers at least two days of rest per week, adding a day of extracurricular activities on a Saturday only gives workers Sunday off. Many individuals are tardy to class for a variety of reasons, Saugus freshman Lucas Mcguan confirms, “Students struggle getting out of bed, might live far away from school, take awfully a long time to get ready.” Studies say tardiness not only affects your child’s attendance record, but it also impacts the school environment. A student might not even be interested in what any teacher is trying to teach them, the student does not want to be there, he or she will lack the education that they need during schooling. Being late to school can lead to legal problems for you and your child, and it also interrupts other students’ learning.

Saturday school can put a negative picture on children, thinking they are not as valuable as other kids, feeling left out when friends go to hang out and not getting to rest on Saturday morning. The weekend was created to give workers at least two days of rest per week – working 6 days a week for students who do not come to class on time reduces one’s ability to rest.

Saturday school is pointless as it wastes countless hours of doing nothing productive. To come to a compromise, teachers should not give out Saturday school detentions especially if some kids can not make it to class.