Ginny and Georgia Review


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Kailey McCall, Staff Writer

As 2023 starts a new season of Ginny and Georgia comes out on Netflix. First released on February 24 2021 as a series became extremely popular after its release. Ginny or Virgina played by Antonia Gentry and Georgia played by Brianne Howey. It follows both of them through their life in Wellsbury, Massachusetts while they get boyfriends, go through school and overall their life. 


The new season first starts out with Ginny at her dad Zion’s house with her little brother Austin. It next shows Georgia with her new husband Mayor Paul Randolph. Ginny figures out about Georgia’s killings of her mom’s ex-husband Kenny killing him with poison. Ginny is also trying to get past not being friends with her best friends anymore because of them finding out about her being with Marcus, she is also struggling with self harm. Ginny is struggling holding the weight of Georgia’s accidents while Georgia seems to be sunshine and rainbows and not care. 


As the story goes on they find Max’s ex-girlfriend with a new guy at the place that Ginny works, Abby was there to see it also. This caused controversy because they wanted to tell Max but they didn’t know quite how to. They tried to tell Max but they just brushed it away. After this Abby and Ginny start to hang out again they end up dying their hair which makes Georgia mad. Since Abby and Ginny start hanging out again Max gets mad and feels left out. Georgia confronts Max and it ends up ending with them becoming friends again, when they invite Max to Ginny’s party. Ginny throws the party without her mom’s permission and the party is going well, Hunter asks to talk to Ginny. Ginny and Hunter talk about their ex relationship and Hunted apologies, Ginny goes up stairs with Marcus and Marcus asks her to be his girlfriend. As Georgia walks into the party she is livid but she is also proud of Ginny for pulling off this party. 


Georgia finally gets into the neighbor club after basically tricking her way into it. As Georgia continues her life there is a private investigator trying to get her into jail. Zion finds out that Ginny has been self harming and is contemplating whether to tell Georgia or not but ends up not. Austin’s dad comes into town and picks him up from his class, which surprises everybody that he is back. Georgia meets Paul’s parents for the first time and it doesn’t go well at all. Paul’s parents do not like Georgia because she has  had many husbands before and they don’t think it’s healthy. Georgia acts like nothing happened and continues being friends with them.


Ginny recently started therapy and Georgia wanted to go to one of her sessions. She wanted to figure out what was going on with her daughter when the session started badly. Both of them start fighting because of the way they portray their feelings. They end up working it out in the end and they feel way better about their relationship. Marcus and Ginny end up fighting and they end up breaking up because of Marcus’s depression. Marcus is starting to fall back into depression and losing Ginny made it even worse, he started going on pills and started drinking. Cynthia’s husband is slowly dying and tells Georgia what is going on. Georgia ends up doing something about it.


Georgia ends up pulling the plug on what is keeping him alive and he dies. Austin sees the whole thing but never says anything about it. Gil threatens Georgia that he is gonna tell on her for all the stuff she has done and he ends up getting abusive again. Gil gets pushy and he ends up hurting Gerogia, Austin swoops in and ends up shooting Gil. They quickly clean up the mess before Paul gets home and they stitch Gil up. As the wedding starts to happen Georgia ends up calling it off because of all the stuff she did and she ends up telling Paul about her messy past. He ends up storming out and the next morning tells Georgia to meet him in his office. Paul ends up getting Gil back into prison after all of the stuff that he has done. 


Paul and Georgia end up getting married until Georgia ends up getting arrested for Cynthia’s husband’s death. Leaving us with a cliffhanger of her in jail and us wondering what is gonna happen next season. 


Overall it was a really good season and I am excited for what happens next with Ginny and Austin and how Georgia is doing in jail. Megan Parker, a senior at Saugus High School said, “I really liked the show and I liked the plot twists in the story. It had me wondering what was going to happen next.”