Is Britney Spears still missing?

Tatum Hyatt, Staff Writer

According to many social media conspiracy theories, Britney Spears is allegedly missing. Spears has rarely been spotted in public recently, and her out of character posts on social media have sparked an interest on the internet. Britney Spears was trapped in a conservatorship, which is where a court appoints someone to control a person’s financial affairs, medical decisions, and where they can go. Spears had a mental breakdown and was put in a 5150 psychiatric hold in 2008, which led to the start of the involuntary conservatorship. Her father was put in charge of Britney, but her sister Jamie Lynn Spears would play a big role in controlling her life. Later in 2012, her former fiance Jason Trawick was put as co-conservator, where he made most of her personal decisions. Finally in 2019, fan began to fight for Britney, starting the #FreeBritney movement which led to her supposedly being released from her conservatorship on November 12, 2021. Although, one theory is she may still be trapped and controlled in the conservatorship. 

Her Instagram account with 41.6 million followers fuels this theory because of her out of normal posts that look to be edited. Some people also believe they are just old posts being reposted. A handful of her fans accused her husband, Sam Ashgari, who she has recently married, of controlling and managing her Instagram. But, in an interview with TMZ in December of 2022, Ashgari shuts down these rumors and adds he “understands where they are coming from and they are just being good fans.”

Early morning on December 20, 2022 youtube star Jeffrey Star shares out on twitter “In 2022 I was going to expose everything… If only you knew what they are doing to Kanye and Britney.” In a tweet before this, he also “exposed” the illuminati and claimed he was grateful to wake up everyday after breaking free from them.  This immediately led Britney fans into new theories and worried them as well. Even though these rumors keep popping up, she always shuts them down without explanation.

Recently, on the 15th of January of this year, Britney Spears was spotted at a  restaurant venue in Los Angeles with her husband, Sam Ashgari. This quickly went downhill when people began to take photos of her and her husband and try to get to know them. She began to have an outbreak and was screaming and crying. They left the restaurant immediately.

Although we know now she is not missing, fans are still concerned about her mental health and safety?