NFL Playoffs

Ava Raine, Staff Writer

There are many teams in the NFL but only some make it to the Super Bowl! Which one do you think will win? But first let’s take a look at the teams who made it to the Wild Card Round! 















“ I think the 49ers will win because they have great players. My favorite player on the 49ers is number 28, Tevin Coleman. He has the highest scores of catching and running into a touchdown.” Said student Jay’lah May.


Super Bowl LVII is on Feb 12, 2023 at State Farm stadium, Glendale, Arizona. The halftime show is going to feature Rihanna. Kevin Burkhadrt, Greg Olsen, Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldi are all going to be announcers for the Super Bowl.


In my opinion, I think that the 49ers will win. I think they will win because they have great players. I also think that they will win because they have won five Super Bowl titles. Along with seven National Football Conference championships.


The Jaguars are going to versus the chiefs. Then the Giants are going to versus the Eagles. Then we have the Bengals against the Bills. Lastly, we have the Cowboys vs. the 49ers.


The Cincinnati Bengals are versus the Kansas City Chiefs. It will be on Sunday, January 29, 3:30 pm. At the Arrowhead stadium. The Bengals won the championship in 1981, 1988 and 2021.


The Philadelphia Eagles are going to versus the San Francisco 49ers. This event will be on Sunday, January 29, 12:00 pm. It will take place at the Lincoln Financial Field. The 49ers have won five Super Bowls. The Eagles have won the Super Bowl championship in 2018. 


Many different people have different predictions about who is going to win and lose. But only time will tell who wins Super Bowl 2023!