Tips to Study for Finals

Kailey McCall, Staff Writer

As Christmas break approaches that means finals are coming up, the most stressful time of the year. Studying for finals can be hard when you don’t know where to start because there is so much to do. As it is creeping up on us, here are some tips that can help you study better.


Organization should be one of your first priorities. Staying organized is extremely important when you have a lot to do. When studying, you should always have one task on your mind and you should never be multitasking. Multitasking can lead to not remembering what you are studying; you should always focus on one thing. Keeping everything in one spot is also extremely important and staying organized is also important to create good study habits.


Time management is also important. Waiting until the last minute won’t do you any good. When studying, you should always manage your time for each section to make sure you get everything done and don’t run out of time. If you are constantly doing something last minute, it won’t prepare you for success; you should always split your time so you can get everything done on time. 


Finding a good place to study should be one of your priorities. Having a quiet, comfortable place  can influence the way you study. When studying in a loud chaotic place, it can cause you to lose focus and not be able to concentrate on one thing at a time. A clean and tidy place would also be ideal so you can make sure to not get distracted. 


Keep phones/electronic devices far away. Phones can be extremely distracting, leading you to focus on something else and procrastinate. This can lead to getting addicted and never getting any studying done. Leaving phones as far as possible can help get work done faster and the work will be better.


The way you study is extremely important and could set up for success or failure, organization, time management, and finding a good place to study and getting rid of phones can make the quality of studying better. As finals are approaching, I heavily recommend these tips to get studying done as best as possible. Rylee Fletcher, sophomore at Saugus High school, said: “The way I am going to study for finals is, I’m going to do all of my study guides that my teachers handed out and have friends or family test me on my subjects.” Also, Charlee Coughlin, senior at Saugus High School says: “Ill be studying with notes taken over the course of the semester and study guides given by my teachers.” 


Finals are extremely important to your grades, as they are worth a lot of points. Studying is very essential and you should always study in order to get good grades. Overall, please study and use the tips presented in this article.