Homemade Gift Ideas

Addison Scott, Staff Writer

While store-bought gifts hold sentimental value, homemade gifts can hold a deeper meaning that store-bought ones don’t. Homemade gifts mean more because the person took their time to make it, and as a bonus, it’s cheaper! 


Baked goods

Everyone loves homemade food and when it’s homemade, following the recipe, it always tastes better. With it, people can add their own message or design as their own personal touch. 

(photo creds: Harry & David)


Crocheted Stuffed Animal

Crochet items look more impressive than store-bought stuffed animals and everytime the person looks at it they will think of you. You can make something that relates to an inside joke or something of sentimental value between each other. Crocheting is also easy to learn and to do. 

(photo creds: Craft Passion)



It doesn’t matter if you’re good at drawing because the person will appreciate it either way. You can make it something funny so the receiver laughs whenever they see it.

It can also be decoration or just something to keep close by to look at.

(photo creds: Cuddly Potatoes)


Matching Jewelry:

Matching jewelry shows your friendship and is quick and easy to make. You can put funny words or secret messages on them to show character. Places such as Hobby Lobby have sales on jewelry items every other week, making it even cheaper to do. Freshman Saugus Student, Evelyna Barajas, says: “I think matching jewelry is a good gift because other people will know who your bestfriend is and it holds sentimental value.”

(photo creds: BuzzFeed)