The Importance of Self Care

Bailey Posey, Co-Editor In Chief

In the midst of the chaos in this ever-changing world, self-care seems to fall to the bottom of people’s to-do lists. However, when life is busy and stressful, that is exactly when self-care should be at the top. The unrecognized importance and benefits of self care should make it a priority on everybody’s schedules. Whether it’s a massage, a face mask, or watching a movie in the dark, self care should be holding much more significance in today’s society. 

  Reducing stress and anxiety is a large benefit of self care. Stopping what one’s doing to take care of themselves however they like can reduce stress and help prevent burning out. Recognizing when you’re mentally drained is the first step to being able to use self care to recharge mental, social, and emotional batteries. 

There are also many misconceptions about self-care. Many people wrongfully believe that self-care is a feminine activity. However, taking care of oneself is neither feminine nor masculine. Self care also doesn’t always have to entail expensive products or top-notch massages. Self care is taking a break to do whatever it is one genuinely enjoys doing. This can be painting, cooking, dollar store face masks, or shopping. It is anything that can help one stop, relax, and remind them that they are in control. 

Jacob White, a Saugus freshman, engages in self care often. “To care for myself I always like to make sure my skin and hair is as healthy as possible. I always spend over an hour every night maintaining my skin and hair routine. I do self care to help myself unwind after a day full of school, dance, and personal issues,” White says. “Everybody should do self care because it leads to an overall healthier life. I completely see a change in mood after I self care. I feel less stressed and overall happier. Self care is important, because you must care for yourself before you can care for others.”
It has also been proven that self care can improve relationships, whether they are romantic, friendship, familial, etc. Being okay with yourself and comfortable in your own skin can allow one to put their all into relationships. If a majority of one’s energy is being drained by a lack of self care, you won’t have any to put into your relationships with others. 

Self care is not talked about enough, and should be more present in today’s society. Self care can relieve anxiety, protect your mental health, help rejuvenate and maintain relationships. Add self care into daily routines, and watch the positivity flow into life. Whether it’s baking, or a bath, or a facial, self care can significantly change one’s life. A body is a vessel and the only thing that will stay with one forever. It’s important to take care of it.