New IOS Update

Brandi Rivera, Staff Writer

Apple is always coming up with  modern ways of updating their products. Their newest update is very different from anything they have done! 


The new update is called IOS 16. With this update it has added new features that you can add to your home screen like having multiple different home screensavers that you can change from just by holding down your screen. You can even change the font and color of the time on your homescreen. You also have the ability to add widgets with different information that you can easily access like what percentage your phone is. Lastly you can choose different ways notifications are listed on your phone.


There is a fresh modern feature you can use called Focus for when you need time to focus on something or you just don’t want to be bothered. This feature allows you to have your notifications silenced so you don’t get distracted, but if it’s very important you the person sending the text can get through in an emergency.


You can also now share photos with friends and family with the push of a button. You can even make a photo album with friends and family and you can both add photos into the photo album and or take away photos that you don’t like.


When asking Saugus High School students if they liked the new iphone ios update many had different opinions. Saugus High school student David Alexander states “it’s fine but it could be better. It also wastes my battery, and overheats my phone and just isn’t worth it.” People have said their battery health has gone down and many say the update is cool and looks nice but overall just isn’t worth the deterioration of their battery.