The Dangers of Drug Use

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Brianna Barrow, Staff Writer

Unfortunately the use of drugs has increased in this day and age. When the Covid 19 Pandemic hit, the increase of drug use accelerated tremendously. It is now more common for teens to get addicted and overdose. Certain drugs that are becoming more dangerous to this generation are: Fentanyl, LSD, and Cocaine.

The use of fentanyl has greatly impacted the Gen-Z generation. Many schools around the nation are experiencing young students overdosing on this dangerous drug. Also, a lot of majuarana is being laced with Fentanyl. Fentanyl is hard to be spotted in majurana which is why it is very threatening to those who use this drug. Originally, Fentanyl is supposed to be used for treating severe pain, typically pain as far as cancer. Now, this pain-killer drug is actually killing young people and causing overdose. 

Another drug that can be fatal is LSD. This drug causes hallucinations. Hallucination drugs can lead to troubled breathing, unconsciousness, sickness, suicidal thoughts, seziures and even death. Even though death is not very common with LSD, it is still very possible. 

Cocaine is a powerful, addictive drug that is taking over young teens. Over 600,000 teens have experimented with cocaine. The use of this drug can lead to many dangers affecting you mentally and or physically. Suicidal ideatition, depression, and anxiety can be side effects for you mentally. 

A student, who would like to remain anonymous, has shared her experiences with her friends who have used hard drugs around her, “It makes me feel anxious, being around people who use hard drugs gives you an uneasy feeling like being scared for them.” Using drugs doesn’t just affect the person doing them, but those around them as well.