Adopt Or Shop

Photo from NBC News

Photo from NBC News

Evelyna Barajas, Staff Writer

Many of us have pets at home that we love no matter how we got them. The two most common ways people get their pets are by a breeder or a shelter. Both ways are great ways but I think adoption is the better option for helping an animal who needs a home. 


Many of the animals are potty trained and leash trained prior to adopting them. If you adopt from a kill shelter you could be saving a life and allowing them to have a great life. Many people think shelter animals are bad and will harm them but the truth is that many of them are sweet, shy, and just want love. Another reason is usually shelters have an adoption fee and it’s usually about a hundred dollars or less depending on what animal you adopt. Breeds can run into the thousands depending on the animal. They also get a chance to have a good life. Although there is now a problem with getting your dog from a breeder, it’s just better to adopt.


Ninth grader at Saugus, Addison Scott says, “Adoption is better because you’re saving an animal from getting killed. My dog was a shelter dog and we saved him because he had a heart condition and they were gonna put him down but we adopted him before they could and he was a really good dog, but sadly the heart condition got the better of him.


These are just a few reasons why adoption is better than buying from a breeder.

Photo from Animal Legal Defense Fund