How To Stay Cool

Evelyna Barajas, Staff Writer

As we all know from living in California it has been very hot these past weeks.We have all been looking for ways to cool down so here are some to make the heat a little more tolerable.



  • Drinks lots water

Drinking water can help regulate and cool down body temperature

  • Eats cold foods (cucumbers or popsicles)

Eating cold foods fights to lower body temp.

  • Take cold showers

Taking cold showers lowers body temperature and washes off sweat

  • Stay in shady areas

Being in the shade is definitely better than being in the sun and the temperature is a few degrees cooler

  • Don’t work yourself and be easier on your body

Running or moving a lot in the sun makes your body heat up and causes you to sweat

  • Wear hats

Wearing hats blocks the sun from your face and head so you stay cooler

  • Wearing loose airy clothes

Loose fitting clothes don’t stick to your body and allow air flow to cool you down

  • Stay inside

What’s the best way to stay then then just to stay out of the heat

  • If you have longer hair put it up

It takes the hair out of your hair allowing wind to cool you down


  Saugus jv girls tennis coach Justin explains what’s the importance of staying hydrated “I feel like the importance of having water especially when it’s cold  is to make sure students are cooling themselves off while playing and as well as replenishing the water in their body from sweating so much, and that is the main purpose of me making sure they’re hydrated.” 


These are just some ways to stay cool in California and drink lots of water especially if you play a sport.Stay hydrated Centurions!!