You Matter

Briana Cashpar, Staff Writer

In honor of Suicide Prevention and Awareness month, I would like to talk about teens and young adults and their thoughts of suicide. According to NAMI, about 11% of young adults (ages 18-25) report that they’ve had serious thoughts about suicide, and about 1–2% report a suicide attempt during the prior year. These numbers are higher among high school students, nearly 20% report serious thoughts about suicide and 9% report a suicide attempt. 


Though these numbers are high, there are ways to help a friend or a loved one out. Our wellness coordinator, Krystal Dickerson, at Saugus high school has organized an activity for students to write a message to a friend or teacher and tell them why they matter for later this month. This month’s activities will focus on increasing social connections between students through our Friendship Fridays and Thinking Thursdays which is coping and problem solving skills related to mental health. 


Krystal Dickerson says, “One protective factor for suicide prevention is strong social and family connections, which includes connections with our peers. Through our You Matter activities, we are hoping to give students an opportunity to connect with their peers and foster those positive relationships. It is important to let the people in our lives know that they matter to us and that they have a purpose.”


Though reaching out for help may be hard for many, know that there are people that will take any chance to listen to your words and help. Its not uncommon for people having suicidal thoughts, that is why important to inform people that you are in pain so that you are not alone. Often people have thoughts of suicide cause they have emotional pain and they want it to end. However, better ways of coping include talking to people and sharing how you feel. Everyone’s reason for stress is different, and the impact of different circumstances on the person is different too. Feelings scare people, but feelings change. Feelings aren’t facts, but they do change through life experiences and through quality of relationships. Feelings are temporary, and remember that, 

There is always a light that never goes out.  –Steven Patrick Morrissey


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