Steps to Becoming a Gym Rat

Donovan Reeves, Staff Writer

 A gym rat is someone who loves spending

 all their time devoted to working out; addicted to

 the rush and the burn in their muscles.

 Many people choose to exercise to get stronger,

 build muscle or to get into shape. People of all

ages go to the gym for their respective reasons,

in hopes of becoming what is known as a 

gym rat.


             Step 1. A schedule.

  Managing time or a schedule is a key

importance to going to the gym. The more you

continuously push yourself, the better you will

see changes in your body. You will achieve your goal faster in 

exercising, whether it is to squat 200 pounds or get a new PR (personal record) of lifting 180. If you put in the time and dedication, you will see exponential results in getting stronger and increasing your health. Studies say that Getting up to exercise in the morning gives your body a healthier kind of fatigue. And, at the end of the day, your stress will be relieved, resulting in a deeper and better rest. 


Step 2. A healthy routine.

  Having a healthy routine is one of the biggest key reasons to becoming a gym rat. Eating more calories in bulk or focusing on eating less to cut are ways to gain or lose weight. Bulking diets include calorie-dense foods to promote muscle growth. The cutting diet focuses on lower calorie foods; this simulates fat loss. There is no rule that states what one must choose over the other. These suggested lifestyles will slowly depend on your body weight goals and what you want to achieve, as former freshman student Riley Cleveland restates, ‘’The love of living as a gym rat makes you feel better about yourself, you get the feeling of becoming bigger/stronger, and also feeling achieved.”


Step 3. Be patient, give yourself time.

  You would be surprised by how much being patient with yourself can be beneficial for you. It is normal to not see one’s body image changing in the first few days, possibly even weeks. Individuals tend to give up the motivation because they wouldn’t see the results they wanted fast enough, “When I’m at the gym I have time to think mentally about the things going on in my life, i do it for myself and to be healthy physically.” remarks former senior Seth Azar.


 without your muscles resting you will see no growth whatsoever. Getting 8+ hours of sleep increases better physical and mental production for the next day, and in the long-term. Becoming a gym rat takes an awful lot of time, but patiently devoting yourself to the process will help you build or lose the weight you want to earn, yet it is important to remember that your body needs rest days.


These steps are what It takes to achieve your goals in the gym, creating an absolute beast, and giving you the exercise to become stronger.