Unpopular Opinions

Addison Scott, Staff Writer

Unpopular opinions are often held in secret due to a fear of being judged. Even so, it is advisable to express them because in reality, many others probably agree. Here are some popular unpopular opinions.

Old dogs are better then puppies

“Puppies are too energetic and old dogs are pretty chill. Puppies are more annoying and you don’t have to train old dogs,” says an anonymous tenth grader at Saugus.

  Pineapple tastes good on pizza

Many believe that pineapple on pizza is a perfect mix of sweet and savory. The flavors blend perfectly and it adds a nice crunch.

Cupcakes are better then cake

Cupcakes are arguably superior to cake because they are more convenient to hold in one’s hand, and different fillings can exist in each cupcake. Furthermore, they are easier to bake.

Living in the suburbs is better than living in a big city

It is safer in the suburbs because there’s not as many cars and people. There is less nature in big cities than the suburbs, and less traffic in the suburbs allows a quicker commute.

Money can buy happiness

“Money buys food and it buys my dog’s food and toys,” says ninth grader Emily Garcia. “It also buys me my music, posters, and clothes which all make me happy.” Additionally, money buys pets, and pets can serve as emotional support animals (ESA) which can help cure mental illnesses and result in a happy state of mind. 

Cats are better than dogs

Arguably, dogs are too high maintenance because they have to be groomed and taken outdoors to run around. This is inconvenient to people without a big backyard or time to take them to the park. On the other hand, cats do not have to be taken outside because they simply use their litter box indoors. Cats clean themselves, adding to their convenience. 

Metallica is better than Slipknot

Metallica has better guitar solos and a more diverse sound in many people’s opinions. Arguably, every slipknot song sounds the same.

Harry Styles is overrated and problematic 

An anonymous Saugus senior says “… there’s lots and lots and lots of receipts that show the only gender Harry Styles dates is female. He literally has a ton of ex girlfriends but not a single boyfriend. He has never openly said that he is gay but uses the pride flag in his shows and has now become an advocate for the queer community. It’s just to make a statement and is offensive to the queer community.”

Ultimately, unpopular opinions bring unexpected people together because of common interest. They also provoke conversation and provide scope to new ideas.