Ways to Avoid Sex Trafficking

Morgan Wilson, Staff Writer

Ways to Avoid Sex Trafficking 


As high school students hit the age of sixteen, the idea of a license becomes a reality.  A first car and a new stage of life is freshly introduced to many. But, what some fail to remember is the dangers of becoming a driver. Recently, sex trafficking has become a huge problem in the U.S. but there are many ways all drivers can look out for the threatening signs of sex trafficing. 


Unfortunately, sex trafficking tactics are sporatic and can be in very different forms. Because of this, it can be even more difficult to spot and avoid. As someone approaches their parked vehicle it’s important to check all parts of the exterior to look out for suspicious items. One of the most common tactics are items like napkins, cans, or zip ties being placed on specific cars. 


Although it may look like something unrelated or innocent, there is a serious chance that the items have a deeper meaning. Oftentimes those items can represent a “marking” as a way to claim victims. There are even times where traffickers will lace items with poisoned drugs like Fentynal that can cause confusion and disorientation after being touched. This is why it’s important to enter your vehicle quickly and do not attempt to remove suspicious items with your hands. 


According to KSTP News, “The U.S. Justice Department says up to 17,500 people are trafficked nationwide every year.” Not only is it becoming a larger problem across the world, the age of victims gets lower and lower everyday. “One thing I know about traffickers or predators is that they prey on the vulnerability and the unmet needs of the individual,” said a KSTP News reporter. This shows the importance of coming off tough and strong while walking late at night or doing anything alone. The more vulnerable one looks, the more likely a predator will attack. 


Human trafficking is very scary and unknown so it is extremely key to have a way to protect onesself. If possible, there are small compact size pepper sprays that can attach to a keychain and be used if necessary.    


Picture Credit: www.divasfordefense.com

Even if small, having this piece of protection could make a huge difference in saving lives. As well as, small defense mechanisms that can be disguised as keychain items are perfect. 


All in all, sex trafficking is starting to become very common. There are small things that can actually lead to dangerous predators attacking young individuals. The best way to avoid these issues is to learn the common tactics and take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself. 


If you, or anyone you know are in need of help call or visit:


Sex Trafficking hotline 


 1 (888) 373-7888