Five Nights at Freddy’s Lore Part 2

Quinn Arrington, Staff Writer

*This is the second part of this article*

          5. Fazbear Frights 

Fast forward 30 years in approximately 2023, the long-abandoned location is re-re-reopened as a horror attraction: “Fazbear Frights.” Since Phone Guy was killed in the previous location, a new guy took his place, deemed by fans as “Phone Dude.” He explains in one of the nights that they “found a real one.” The main antagonist in this game is a run-down, very broken animatronic Springtrap, or the post-springlocked Spring Bonnie suit that “killed” William Afton found in the boarded up safe room, right where he died in the previous establishment. In some secret screencaps that may appear when playing the game reveal a corpse inside of the suit, which would represent the rotting corpse of Afton after dying in the suit. Spooky. The game, when beat normally by playing through each night, will reveal the “Bad Ending” that shows the four heads of the main animatronics (Foxy, Chica, Freddy, and Bonnie), along with a head in the background that could represent Golden Freddy with the light in their eyes glowing. This represents the souls being stuck inside the animatronics and never being truly “free” and resting peacefully. If the player figures out how to unlock the minigames for each night and further unlock the secrets within the secrets, they’ll be able to unlock the true ending. When this is reached, there are only the heads of the main four characters and the lights are no longer shining, representing the souls being freed and the children can finally be put to rest. Good ol’ William Afton here somehow came back to life, which some theorists speculate his “experimentation” with life and death may have been a larger scheme to achieve immortality, which may explain further representations of him coming back in later games. The establishment was set on fire shortly after its opening. 

       6. Pizzeria Simulator

The protagonist, who later is once again identified as Michael Afton, is starting his own pizzeria. He has the ability to salvage or scrap old animatronics that were previously used and left for parts, then use them for his establishment though they may come with some risks. These animatronics include: Scrapbaby (Circus Baby post-scrapping), Scraptrap (same for Springtrap), Molten Freddy (Ennard in another form), and Lefty. Once business gets running and the pizzeria is opened, at the end of the day, the player must go through protocols to make sure everything is prepared for the next day. During this time, they must avoid being attacked by the salvaged animatronics, all of which are possessed, except for Lefty. Lefty/L.E.F.T.E. (Lure, Encapsulate, Fuse, Transport, and Extract) was created specifically by Afton (somehow) to capture the Marionette, as it was working against Afton’s favor. When the player reaches the true ending of the game, an unlocked dialogue is played from the perspective of Scrapbaby, or Elizabeth Afton (as she was the one killed by Circus Baby), explaining that Michael has done exactly what he was asked to do and brought all of their souls together to do what they were created to do. She finished her part with, “I’ll make you proud, Daddy.” The dialogue is interrupted by a cassette audio and a long monologue playing from Henry Emily’s perspective, as previously mentioned. Long story short, he explains how Scrapbaby and the rest were misguided by William Afton and determines he will put an end to the harming of children for the sake of his old friend’s insanity and immortality. Once again, the establishment is set ablaze, which may connect Henry to the fires at Fazbear Frights. Not long after the pizzeria being shut down, the books describe the distress that fell upon Henry Emily, in which he devises an animatronic that helped him put himself at ease… or for the lack of better words, killing himself. 

       7. Help Wanted 

This is where the lore gets messy. The games beyond Pizzeria Simulator have confusing lore and don’t blend well with the rest of the storyline, so here’s the best explanation that can be given with what is offered. A Virtual Reality (VR) game is released by a group of indie game developers working with Fazbear Entertainment to clear their name of “false rumors” of scandals by the company, such as the Missing Children Incident and explanations of the stains and smells of the old animatronics. The old developers passed the game onto another company to test and finalize the game. It has the following categories: FNAF 1-4, the Dark Rooms (Sister Location, FNAF 4: Fun with Nightmare Balloon Boy and Plushtrap), Parts and Service in which the player fixes the FNAF 1 animatronics, Vent Repair (Sister Location), and Night Terrors (FNAF 4). It also includes a “nightmare mode,” which is basically a much more difficult form of the nights. The game was commissioned by a “client,” as explained by the tapes that can be found as the player goes through the games. In the “Curse of Dreadbear Update,” a Halloween edition of the game, a bunny mask is shown throughout “Grim Foxy’s Corn Maze,” which would eventually be proven to be a teaser for Vanny, the client. 

Vanny, according to the tapes, was a huge fan of William Afton and wanted to follow in his footsteps to achieve immortality. From the beginning of the game, an outline of a rabbit is shown getting closer as more nights are accomplished. In the tapes, the speaker explained the client wanted a chip to be inserted into the game data, and this “thing” appeared and it couldn’t be removed. This is in reference to the rabbit figure seen waving as the game proceeds. At the end of the game when both modes are completed, the player unlocks a game that leads to the secret ending of the game. That rabbit figure takes form as a man-made fabric suit of what is presumably the Spring Bonnie animatronic and urges the player to follow it, much like the tactics used by William Afton during the Missing Children Incident. This is why theorists believe the rabbit’s presence is some form of William Afton’s conscious and an extra step to achieve immortality virtually. When it is followed, the player is set on the stage in the body of Freddy Fazbear as the rabbit figure dances in the lobby. This would be considered one of the “bad endings,” as this represents the player getting stuffed into the suit and the rabbit, called “Glitchtrap” by fans, remains in the game.

The other bad ending is caused by the player finding a secret 16th tape that orders the player to “merge” with the figure, play music, and flip the Nightmare Mode” switch to hard restart the game and remove Glitchtrap. If the last two steps are not completed within the short time given in the merge, the two will merge and Glitchtrap is able to escape the game. However, if the player manages to play the music and flip the switch, the “good ending” will play. The two merge and the player is brought to a green room. Glitchtrap opens a sliding window on a large door and shushes the player before descending into the darkness behind him. The player is brought back to the main hub and a Glitchtrap plush sits on the floor, suggesting the removal of Glitchtrap. Vanny’s identity and role remains very vague and ambiguous until the following game. 

       8. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Plex

The final game, Security Breach, takes place in an entertainment center/mall called “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Plex” sometime after 2023. All of the old animatronics are replaced with a a new set, the “Glamrocks”: Glamrock Freddy, Glamrock Chica, Montgomery “Monty” Gator, and Roxanne “Roxy” Wolf. The protagonist, Gregory, is a young boy who got lost in the Pizza Plex after hours. After an accident on stage in which Glamrock Freddy stops working, he is brought back to his room where he is charged and recovering. Gregory stumbles upon his room and works together with Freddy to try an escape before doors close, and he mentions a security guard trying to capture him. Unfortunately, right before he escapes, the doors close and he has to wait until 6 A.M. for the doors to reopen. As the game progresses, Gregory has to avoid the Chica, Monty, and Roxy animatronics trying to capture him, as well as the security guard Vanessa. The animatronics show very hostile feelings towards Gregory, and Freddy mentions that this isn’t like them and they are not programmed to behave this way. Vanny, though she has a different appearance than teased in Help Wanted, is seen in the Security Breach trailers and is encountered a few times in the game. When Gregory is near her, his vision becomes red and glitchy, which has made fans believe she could have supernatural abilities, though it may never be confirmed. Gregory asks Freddy if there used to be a rabbit in the Pizza Plex, and Freddy tells him not anymore. 

Some scenes can be unlocked when going to certain locations in the Pizza Plex, reading the collectable messages between employees, playing some of the arcade games, or finding CDs around the Pizza Plex and going to the secret room (which is a reference for the house in Sister Location!). There are small mentions of a Glamrock Bonnie in the establishment, such as the bowling alley, “Bonnie Bowl.” If the player finds the messages between employees, some messages mention that the Glamrock Bonnie animatronic would leave his room at night and wander to “Monty Golf,” though it was never explained why. Later messages reveal that the Glamrock Bonnie animatronic was out of commission and replaced by Monty. In the ice cream parlor in Bonnie Bowl, there is a mini stage with closed curtains. If Freddy is brought to this location, he will mention how he misses Bonnie and doesn’t visit the spot. There are other messages that mention the employees were going to rid all Bonnie-related items, though children would bother them and ask where he is. Management asks the employees to change the bowling alley’s theme. 

There are several endings to the game. Some suggest that Vanny is Vanessa, or a split personality of hers. This can also be seen when the hidden CDs are unlocked and played in the secret Sister Location room, where recordings of therapy sessions with two entities play. One of the entities is Vanessa, or the “Client 71” tapes. The first tape reveals a conversation between Vanessa and someone else found by the therapist, saying the messages don’t make sense after reading the transcripts. This may allude to a connection between Vanessa and Glitchtrap, that being if Vanessa is Vanny. The other tapes, the “Client 46” tapes, are one-sided conversations with the therapist and a lack of responses from the patient. These also mention the conversations with an online entity, but specify this entity has rabbit ears. Therapists change several times throughout the tapes, most dying, which may be Glitchtrap, or William Afton’s, doing so with the help of Vanny. This may be because the therapists were getting to know a bit too much about the plans between the two. Client 46 was exposed for hacking the Pizza Plex systems and manipulating the animatronic’s functions. All in all, these recordings are a huge hint to who Vanny is and her connection to Vanessa, along with background info of Vanessa and the malfunctions in the Pizza Plex. 

The most important ending can be unlocked when the player goes through the elevator which will bring the player into a basement location, which would be the original location where the first Fazbear locations began. In the basement, Freddy and Gregory encounter a burnt-up version of the already scrapped Springtrap, dubbed by fans “Burntrap,” since this is post-fires from the third and sixth games. The player must defeat Burntrap, and when he tries to escape, he is captured by “the Blob,” or Molten Freddy/Ennard post-fires. The Pizza Plex bursts into flames and collapses, which would be the official end of William Afton’s curse. Gregory and Freddy both escape fully intact. This ending, though it is rated in-game as a two-star ending out of three, would be the canon ending of the series. 

It is highly probable that the majority of the FNAF lore and inspiration for later games came from fans and in-depth breakdowns of the games that not even Scott Cawthon expected. A lot of the story is influenced by theories, and there are plenty of holes in the lore. Though Security Breach is the official last game of the series, there are many fan-made games that will uphold the story and possibly further explain the unexplained. A movie will be released within the next few years by Jason Blum, which has been planned for a very long time, so stay tuned for movie trailers and teasers. Though Scott Cawthon has retired, he created a very successful game and allowed a massive group of creative people to become successful off of the game.