Crumbl Cookie Review

Lola Gagich, Staff Writer

Crumbl cookies are a popular new company known for their fun flavors or cookies. They have new flavor combinations every week with six new flavors to choose from weekly. But are they as good as they’re chalked up to be? 

This week’s (9/5) six flavors were cookie butter lava, brownie batter, pumpkin chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies and cream, classic pink sugar, milk chocolate, and peanut butter cup with Reeses’. I got all of these except pink sugar. The location was good and the service was quick.  The busiest store was empty and the workers were super friendly. When the cookies were brought out they were warm and fresh. However, by the time I had gotten home they were starting to harden a little and they were definitely not as soft as they were when they were brought out. We sliced them into fours and tried pieces of each but there were still leftovers and the leftovers got continuously more brittle. 

The first flavor we tried was the pumpkin chocolate chip. This one gets extra points because when we tried it it was still super warm and soft. The pumpkin flavor was good and the chocolate chips were better with it than I thought they would be. However it was almost doughy and the texture was almost that of raw cookie dough. So the cookie was really soft, but it was almost too soft. The flavor was good though. I would give it a 6/10 because while the flavor was good it was nothing special.

Later on we tried the peanut butter cookies and cream. This was by far my favorite as it was the most unique and it was better than expected. It is a chocolate cookie with chunks of peanut butter throughout and the cookie with the peanut butter mixed together really well. It may be because it was a little cooler, but the texture was better too. Soft but not to the point of batter. There was a perfect amount of peanut butter and all in all the cookie was really good and outside of the usual cookie flavors. I would give it a 9/10, it was my favorite by far.

Next was the cookie butter, one I was very excited for as I love cookie butter. It was a little disappointing at the first bite but closer to the center it got better. The cookie didn’t taste much like a cookie, though, it was purely cookie butter. I think it would have been better had the cookie have more flavor to complement the cookie butter. Overall, nothing special. I think it’s about a 5/10.

What made up for the cookie butter cookie, the peanut butter cup was better than expected. It was an average peanut butter cookie, but it was really good. The chocolate and Reese’s cup pieces were just enough to where it wasn’t too much. The texture was similar to the cookies and cream peanut butter cookie. In general it was nothing particularly special, but it was still really good. I give it a 7/10.

Next was the brownie batter. Really it was just a chocolate cookie with chocolate chips. It was nothing special and I didn’t really even like it. However, as a brownie batter cookie, it fits the bill. The texture was good, not too soft but still a soft cookie and it definitely would’ve been better warm.  I probably would’ve just got another one of the other cookies twice instead of getting that if I went again. I think it’s a 4/10.

Finally was the milk chocolate. I was pretty disappointed in the cookie but then again it was pretty basic. It was bland and kind of grainy but it also is probably better fresh. I would recommend getting the unusual flavors as the milk chocolate is always there and it’s really nothing special. I would give it a 5/10.

While some of the cookies were less than great on my scale, it doesn’t represent everyone or Crumbl as a company and the cookies were well made despite any small critiques.