Sending a Sibling to College

Morgan Wilson, Staff Writer

As each new school year approaches, a fresh group of incoming college students begin their next journey in life. It can be heartbreaking to watch close friends and family members move, oftentimes across the country or the world, to their new universities. However, there are many ways one can prioritize his or her mental health after the departure of these loved ones.


The idea that older siblings will leave for college is often discussed throughout one’s childhood, yet it comes much sooner than anyone is prepared for. What begins as late night conversations about how fun and different college life sounds, turns to a dreadful countdown to the last days before move-in day. Similarly, watching the peers you grew up with post their college decisions and begin the moving process is just as devastating and brings up unfamiliar emotions of loneliness. 


       Personally, my older sister moved all the way to Portland, Oregon to attend The University of Portland. Her and I have been connected at the hip since we were little, so her departure has impacted me and my everyday life. Nonetheless, remembering that she won’t be gone forever and that I will see her during holidays has aided me in overcoming the separation. If someone close to you is far from home, it is important to focus on the positives. For instance, the accomplishment of reaching the college stage is admirable and impressive; supporting them is the best way to speed up time. 


       When I traveled to Oregon to move my sister into her dorm, it was an emotional but impactful experience. Seeing her new classmates and environment made me excited for my sister and the life memories she will make. However, the experience opened my eyes to the stressful reality of college move-in day. There were hundreds of families and students rushing to move all their belongings into their dorms. We had to tediously furnish the dorm properly and thoroughly. Although it was a painstaking process, I cherished every moment with my sister as we decorated and organized her new home. 

Photo taken by Morgan Wilson

    Ultimately, I will miss my sister’s presence at home everyday but I am excited for her accomplishments and can’t wait for the moments we will have together during her breaks. It is extremely important to prioritize mental health as close family and friends move away to pursue their future endeavors.