Brand New Farmers Market

Ava Raine, Staff Writer

On April 27th, a new farmer’s market opened. The market manager, Larry McClements, cut the ribbon at their Canyon County location. This farmers market is an exciting and new part of Canyon County that hundreds came to see. This market is open every Wednesday from 4 to 8 p.m on the corner of Soledad Canyon Road and Sierra Highway.


According to The Signal-there were nearly 30 vendors, and each one had their own unique touch. “Most supermarket produce is several weeks or months old. We bypass that and have some of the freshest produce you can get…-” said Canyon County Farmers Market Manager, Larry McClements in an interview with Signal reporters.


There are tons of different options to choose from at this Farmer’s market such as Texas- style BBQ, New Orleans Cuisine, Cuban food, a local taqueria and artisan pizza. The farmers market also has ranch-direct meats, fresh flowers, olive oil, dairy products, honey, fresh seafood and many other delicious foods that you can’t get anywhere else.


The brand new farmers market has amazing food products and ready-to-eat foods. All of their food comes from certified California state farms-, making buying local easier for all Santa Clarita residents.


Now, when I went to the Farmer’s market I saw different foods like tamales, keto sweets, handmade pasta, veggies, pizza, German sausages and more. All foods are fresh and picked fresh.


So, make sure to check out the new Canyon Country Farmers Market on Wednesdays!