The Guide to Valentine’s Day: The Good and the Bad.

The Guide to Valentines Day: The Good and the Bad.

Alessandra Aguilar, Staff writer


When February 14th comes around, couples get excited and lovey-dovey. But,  for single people, it means multiple things; start looking for a date fast, start buying thousands of chocolate bars and ice cream, crying in the shower or pretending it’s any other day.

Valentine’s Day gives couples the opportunity to act all lovey dovey and get each other gifts. It’s like the Christmas of couples.

Valentine’s Day is a single person’s worst nightmare. Cute couples performing PDA in every corner, chocolate temptations everywhere, and not to mention family members bugging about a significant other. CTRL+ Curate says “Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to indulge in some self care and these ideas will help you create little moments throughout the day to pause and enjoy your own company.” There are a few easy things one can do when alone on February 14th:


  1. Get ice cream
  2. Get chocolate
  3. Get all dressed up (fool yourself into thinking you have somewhere to be)
  4. Watch “single” shows (Friends, New Girl, etc.)
  5. Watch Rom-Coms (this gets out the healthy tears)
  6. Get out the darts and pictures of ex partners (this gets out the healthy anger)


Seeing couples in every corner of the world perform PDA can cause depression and cause people to feel their self-worth depleting. In reality, one’s significant other doesn’t define one’s self-worth in the slightest. Single or in a couple, it doesn’t matter. What matters is mental health and who one is as a whole. Self care is very important. It’s necessary for a good mindset and mental health. When in school, self care can fall apart with endless homework and activities. That’s why Saugus does many things to ensure that students have fantastic mental health and are feeling great about themselves. If a student is having trouble with their mental health, they could visit a counselor, visit Serenity Space, talk to their teacher or inform a parent/guardian how they’re feeling. Saugus is here to help.