Netflix Is Raising their Prices

Alyssa Lyons, Staff writer

Has Netflix gone wild? Is Netflix worth it anymore? Netflix has announced that they are raising the monthly price for a subscription. Now Netflix is one of many other TV streaming services such as; Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Peacock Plus, and so many more.  Netflix is one of the first subscription plans most people have and now everyone is buying all the new streaming services. Now the question most people are probably asking is Netflix worth it? Over the years, Netflix has been getting new shows as well as letting some of the older ones go, but some of these older shows were hits and people would get mad when they noticed they were gone. So if Netflix is raising their prices and they do not have any shows you really love, switching services may be the right choice. I interviewed Hailey Ritter, who is a senior at Saugus High School, and she said that her family is thinking of canceling their subscription and just looking into other streaming services.