The Book of Boba Fett Highlights

Liliana Herrera, A&E Editor

The return of the famed bounty hunter, Boba Fett, was long anticipated for years. He was supposedly “dead” in episode six, Return of the Jedi. Fans were pleasantly surprised to see Boba return in season 2 of The Mandalorian. With his return and the showing of an end credit scene of the finale of season 2 of The Mandalorian,Fett is shown killing Bib Fortuna and taking the place of his former employer, Jabba the Hutt, accompanied by master assassin: Fennec Shand, led fans to anticipate his own series. 

One of the first highlights of this series is the shot of Boba Fett escaping the Sarlacc pit. BAM! It is revealed Fett’s not dead! The visual of seeing Boba Fett fight his way out of the sarlacc pit is something original trilogy fans have been wanting to see for years. It may be questioned how he was able to escape. It was shown that he took oxygen from a stormtrooper that was already half digested, but the biggest life saving device was his armor. It is a known fact that beskar armor, the armor of the Mandalorians, is the strongest and most impenetrable armor in the Star Wars universe. If it wasn’t for his legendary armor, he would have easily died on the account of the acidic stomach fluids of the Sarlacc. 

The next highlight comes in Chapter 6. At this point Star Wars fans could claim Chapter 6 as a whole, a highlight and was probably the most scream worthy for long time fans. Personally, being the huge Star Wars nerd I am, I was practically shouting at every scene. We start the episode off with Mando heading to a planet to deliver a beskar shirt to Grogu, his foundling. As he arrives we see a very familiar droid, R2-D2. He leads Mando to an area where it looks like a temple is being built and Mando seems to wait there for some time. The episode then cuts to the very scene of Luke Skywalker! The audience finally gets to see Luke training with Grogu and in this scene we see Luke meditating to achieve a desired focus. Luke and Grogu then go for a walk and the audience is able to see Grogu’s point of view during Order 66 as Anakin’s battalion, the 501st, were raiding the temple. It was amazing to see clones again in live action. The scene then cuts to Mando waking up to the face of Ahsoka Tano! Ahsoka then talks to Mando about why he cannot see Grogu. Mando then leaves the gift for Grogu with Ahsoka and sets off for Tatooine. We are then treated to the parallel scene of Luke with Grogu on his back running through the “woods” and performing the same stunts and jumping some of the same obstacles he did in Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back, with Yoda on his back. Quick little homage to the original trilogy and Yoda training with Luke. We then get the long awaited scene of Ahsoka, the padawan and best friend to Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars, talking to Luke; Anakin’s son. This is a moment awaited by all Star Wars fans, especially those who watched the thrilling tv series, Clone Wars. Fans know how close Anakin and Ahsoka were so her meeting and talking to Luke is like talking to what is left of Anakin. Personally, I would have to say the best part was when Ahsoka was talking to Luke about Grogu and said to him, “So much like your father”. Tearjerker. To see Ahsoka see Anakin in Luke shows how much she misses him and what an amazing teacher Luke was. The next scene shows Mando arriving at Jabba’s Palace, which now belongs to the new Daimyo of Tatooine: Boba Fett. He then leaves after a meeting and heads to Mos Pelgo, the small town on the outskirts of the Dune Sea. Mando is seen speaking with Cobb Vanth, the Marshall of Mos Pelgo.Once Mando leaves we see Vanth looking out on the horizon and sees a figure walking towards them. The camera shows a familiar figure. The character speaks and the audience can hear that it is the one and only, Cad Bane. Bane is a famous bounty hunter more known in the era of the Clone Wars. He was known for taking young Boba under his bounty hunting wing. Cad Bane is seen in a stand-off with Vanth and shoots him for being on Boba’s side. 

   Chapter 6 leads right into the finale of this series. The finale was a visual masterpiece to say the least. We see Mando return to Boba after speaking with Vantha and we see Mando tell Boba that he has recruited “reinforcements” from Mos Pelgo. It then cuts to a scene where we see Cad Bane speaking with the Pyke syndicate about killing Cobb Vanth and coming up with a plan to draw Boba Fett out. We see Boba Fett come face to face with Cad Bane in an almost duel like fashion. The long-awaited meeting of Boba and Bane after all these years has come, but Bane is only there to negotiate. Fans believe the duel that was long-awaited is about to go down after Bane brings up the massacre of Boba’s Tusken “family”. Fennec talks Boba down and advises Boba to fight on their terms, not Bane’s. At this point we can hear the bike gang that works for Boba say that they are being attacked by the group that made a truce with Boba to not intervene. We also see the wookie assassin, Krrsantan, being attacked by a group of trandoshans who were also part of the treaty and the Gamorean Guards were attacked by the Klatooinians. This all started a huge blowout between Boba’s people and the groups that worked for the Pykes. The audience gets the visual pleasure of seeing Boba and Mando vow to fight side by side for honor. It then continues to Boba and Din flying out with their jetpacks and beginning to fire at the Pykes. This whole fight scene had to be one of the best. We get to see Mando use his amazing mini wrist rockets and Boba using his rockets that launched from his knee. It was also amazing to see the two Mandalorians fighting together so valiantly and looking awesome while doing it. They do at one point become overwhelmed by the amount of shots they were taking, luckily they had their beskar armor, and were able to prevent being defeated; but along came the people of Mos Pelgo to help save the day. The Pyke decide to fall back but we see some new destroyer droids called Scorpenek droids come out to play and they give Boba and his group a run for their money. They have no choice but to run for safety because these droids have a shield around them. Boba leaves to retrieve something for this fight. Mando tries to fight these droids but it is pretty much no use, not even his Darksaber is getting through the shield. Peli appears in a droid drawn carriage with Grogu himself. At this point we get to see the reunion of Mando and his foundling Grogu. When all hope seems lost with fighting these droids the audience is treated to Boba riding in on his rancor to save the day. We finally got to see what Boba has been wanting to do; ride the rancor. He came in and had his Rancor destroy the droids. The rancor was successful in doing so but Boba then came face to face with Cad Bane again and tried using the rancor against him but the rancor got loose and was scared by Bane’s fire. FINALLY, the long awaited duel of Boba and Cad bane finally came. We see Bane and Boba begin the duel with their guns but Bane gets the best of Boba and is able to knock the gun out of his hand and they are forced to enter hand-to-hand combat. It seems that Boba is getting bested by Bane until Boba counters Bane by using the traditional fighting style of the Tusken Raiders using his own Gaffi Stick. It was a visual homage to his Tusken family that healed him and taught him to fight with  their style. Boba is getting the best of Bane now and has finally put an end to the reign of Bane by stabbing him right in the chest with the Gaffi stick.

The whole series was well written and visually pleasing, and many of the highlights were scenes long time StarWars fans have been dying to see in live-action. The highlights mentioned above were definitely the best scenes and moments of the whole series. Though the series only had a few episodes, it was generally a good show, but there were some things that could have been done better. Saugus high school senior, Brock Gelles, gave me his input on how he felt about the show. “I thought it was okay overall. Observing how he acclimated with the tuskens and became one of their own, as well as showing his reign of Tatooine was surprisingly interesting. I loved how they included Cad Bane, albeit his portrayal was kinda weak,[…]”.