Outer Crown Part 2

Bryant Montgomery, Staff writer

“You all look up to me, yet you should stop looking at me and look up. Look at those stars in that sky. Countless systems, countless people repressed by the inner crown and their precious emperor, but even emperors die”

-Destro Rain at the First Conference of the Pearl Rebellion


-Congregation of The Outer Circlet Territory 5a-

 The Legent: Good morning, Protectorate. I am the Legent who will oversee this congregation. You request protection of Reeva-4 at the behest of your planet. Can you please state your name and your position?

The Protectorate: Good morning, your honor. I am Xale Fyorna, a representative of Reeva-4 and the protectorate for this hearing.

 The Legent: Are you ready at this time to enter a plea for your planet? 

 Xale Fyorna: Yes, I believe with 100% certainty that my planet, Reeva-4, should receive, and desperately needs, aid and protection. About a month ago, my planet was attacked by raiders which we have recently identified as Akina traffickers–not the usual pirates that plunder the fringes of the crown–which is quite odd. Even stranger, they demanded a “Dymitri Porter,” which we have no records of, but is a known hacktivist in other systems and I hope that we can properly investigate why these traffickers want them so much.

 The Legent: Alright. Do you have any witnesses to call on?

 Xale Fyorna: Yes, I ask to bring Jackson Decayter to the stand. He is a co-owner of Aluxuri, an alcohol brand with some of their best being Brantheren Wine and Jaxota Beer. They were to have a business meeting at our capital until the raiders attacked. 

 The Legent: I’m glad to see you safe Mr. Decayter. The congregation can now ask the witness a series of questions. Only three for each member.

 Congregate Member (a): To start off, Mr. Decayter, how is your business handling the attack? Have you been able to meet with your constituents and recoup losses? Have you lost any of your business partners?

 Decayter (Witness): My associates will meet again in a few weeks, but my brother–my business partner–sadly passed away right at the start of the attack. Without him helping to manage the business, we have certainly gained some significant losses in Keleo regions.

 Congregate Member (a): I’m sorry to hear that.

 Decayter (Witness): We get by.

(silence-3 sec.)

 The Legent: You may continue questioning now.

 Congregate Member (b): What are some details of the attack itself? How did you escape?

 Decayter (Witness): It was about midday when the attack started. We were in the meeting room by then, and outside the window, I saw a flurry of ships surrounding the capitol building and then the shooting started. I saw a gunfight on the streets and I knew then that we had to leave as soon as possible. We split so we wouldn’t all be killed in a group, but my brother and I stayed together with our two officers. They handed us Talcon pistols and we drove through all the chaos until we made it to the star port. 

 Congregate Member (c): Talcon pistols? Where did you learn how to shoot? 

 Decayter (Witness): I originally grew up on Araxic, which was plentiful with wild game and my family taught me to shoot.

 Congregate Member (c): Interesting. And you then chose to start making alcohol.

 Decayter (Witness): Not necessarily, your honor. My father was already a CFO for the company and I just took his position after his death.

 Congregate Member (c): Oh, I see. You may continue with your story.

 Decayter (Witness): Yes. We proceeded to shoot our way through to our landing pad but we lost both of our officers in a shootout against a large group of them. As me and my brother made it to the hallway leading to our ship, we were pinned as we hid behind a container. We would be dead to gunfire if we moved an inch. That’s when my brother sacrificed his life for me. He took five shots while firing automatic the entire time before I got to the ship.

(silence-7 sec.)

 Congregate Member (a): I’m so sorry that you had to lose your brother in such a way.

 Decayter (Witness): As I said, we get by.

 Congregate Member (b): Hold on there, Member Vyssa, didn’t you say that your brother died during the beginning of the attack? You saying he died right as you entered the transport doesn’t correspond with your previous statement.

Decayter (Witness): (begins to laugh)

Decayter (Witness): Well, well, well… 

 Congregate Member (c): What the–What are you doing?

 Xale Fyorna: JAXON, STOP.



Congregate Member (d): Get do-

Congregate Member (e): CALL IN BACKUP. NOW!

Congregate Member (f): TRAITOR!

 Decayter (Witness): Well, that was easy. 

 Xale Fyorna: What in the–

 Decayter (Witness): This stupid congregation is finally dead. C’mon, Fyorna. Let’s hurry before more guards come. There’s a Heroc pistol by that guard, we can blast our way out of here.

 Xale Fyorna: THIS WAS NOT PART OF THE PLAN, JAXON! If we wanted to find Dymitri, it’s better that we have the Inner Crown on our side. We need them to be our friend.

 Decayter (Witness): Well, that’s where you’re wrong. The enemy of my enemy isn’t my friend, they’re my competition–and besides, my dear Fyorna, as long as your daughter and wife are safe, you’ll work for me, won’t you?

 Xale Fyorna: Look at what you’ve done!

 Decayter (Witness): Say whatever you want, but while you’re at it, shoot the transcript bot. Don’t want them to know what happened here, don’t you?

 Xale Fyorna: I-I…

 Decayter (Witness): By the way, Mr. Fyorna. Welcome to the Wyverin Syndicate.

 Xale Fyorna: I hate you.