Saugus Varsity Football Team Defeats Canyon

Nathan Ephrem, Staff writer

Our tremendous Saugus Football team continued their amazing streak in football after defeating Canyon in an away game in a demolishing 49-8 win. 

The Centurions had an amazing game, defeating Canyon High School. One of the key players in this game was Varsity’s Junior wide receiver Khai-Ky Keith. Keith was able to score 6 touchdowns against Canyon and record 358 yards. “We were pretty confident that we could beat Canyon if we executed what we had practiced over the week!” Keith told the Scroll

The Scroll asked Keith if he or the team felt they had played differently then they had when going up against other teams such as Hart or West Ranch earlier in the season. Keith said “We had won a lot prior and it was pretty similar to the other games we had played before.” With the contribution of Keith playing on the field, he was able to record 398 yards; improving drastically with the yards when usually averaging 18.7 yards per game. Keith added “ It was pretty cool to blow out a team in our first league game”. Keith had an all-time best against Canyon with 429 yards and scored a 44-yard touchdown for the Centurions. 

The Scroll asked Keith how this team’s win had affected the next games that they played later in the season. Keith added, “ It was a statement game to let the foothill league [know] that last year wasn’t a fluke but we can’t dwell on the past and have to treat each week as if we haven’t proved anything”.

Saugus cruised to the win against Canyon with the help of another Saugus wide receiver, Sebastian Dallaire.  The Scroll asked him how Dallaire helped with the team’s win.  “I received two touchdowns and threw one touchdown against Canyon. I was also picking up the energy on the sideline and motivating guys to keep doing what we were doing”. 

The Scroll asked Dallaire if Canyon played differently than any of the other teams that they had played throughout the season. His response: “ Yes this game was different, it was the first league game of the season so we knew the intensity and hype of the game would be higher than weeks prior”. With a blow-away game for the Varsity Team, The Scroll asked Dallaire how he felt with the team’s win.  He said, “ It felt great to start with a big win like that. We got all our guys on the field and we played great offensively and defensively and as a team”. 

Not only did the fact that this would be the first league game of the season amplify the energy at the Canyon game but as an extra confidence booster, the students of Saugus high school had an amazing contribution in helping our Saugus Centurions on the field in getting the win. “The energy on the sideline was high and we were just having fun,” added Dallaire

With some extra help from Dallaire, Saugus Varsity Football team did great against Canyon High School in getting the win. Believing that this season will be great, students of Saugus High know that the Centurions will give it their best, especially after hearing from players, Dallaire and Keith. Go, Centurions!!!!