My Happy Place

Alyssa Maraganis, Staff writer

It feels like I can’t breathe. I was aroused, and came to the conclusion that I am lost, lost in anxiety. I felt my heart racing. I took a deep breath in, I could feel the oxygen filling my lungs. I took a slow breath out, I could feel the carbon dioxide leaving my lungs. I suddenly left my body. I was happy, I was smiling, I felt calm. All I could think about is myself. As I layed on the soft, comfortable earth. There was no one else, just me, myself, and I. I could hear nothing but substantial nothingness. I wasn’t thinking about past events, or future events either. I wasn’t thinking about how hurt people have made me feel, and I especially wasn’t thinking about specific people that have hurt me. All of my anxiety was non-existent in this place, this special, special place of mine. This feeling of fulfillment that I no longer have to worry about what is and isn’t socially acceptable. Not having to worry about if I’m good enough, because in this place, I am enough, enough for myself to be happy. I can walk and run freely, and be myself without being judged or criticized. I don’t have to worry about eating too much or too little, and I especially don’t need to worry about the way I look in the mirror. All there is, is just me, my heart, and my soul.