Tis’ the Season for Pumpkin Pie

Mel Toney, Food Editor

With Thanksgiving approaching fast, Pumpkin Pie is going to be a staple in everyone’s home. Most if not all American families share a pie after their big Thanksgiving meal with family near and far. It has become a tradition across the country. It’s time to learn how this popular tradition of pumpkin pie came to be.

According to Tippin Spies around 1621, “Northeastern Native American tribes grew squash and pumpkins. The Native Americans brought pumpkins as gifts to the first settlers, and taught them the many uses for pumpkin.” This opened the symbolism for pumpkin pie that we know today, a kind way to show unity and connection with others through a simple food. 

Photo from snaped.fns.usda.gov

Throughout history, people created their own versions of treats similar to modern-day pumpkin pie, but the biggest breakthrough was the first American cookbook in 1796,  American Cookery, by an American Orphan by Amelia Simmons. Simmons shared her recipe for pumpkin puddings that had a crust, basically a miniature version of pumpkin pie. This swept the country fast, creating a demand for more pumpkin. Pumpkins were native to the land of America, therefore making any pumpkin dish popular. With evolution of cooking, and new ideas with spices rose, pumpkin puddings evolved to the traditional pumpkin pie we find in our local grocery stores today.

Instead of the mediocre store bought pumpkin pie, you can make a delicious one of your own that tastes exactly like a family recipe. 

According to Sally’s Baking Addiction, their recipe is, “ …rich, smooth, and tastes incredible on my homemade pie crust and served with whipped cream…And now that I’ve found the best pumpkin pie recipe, I can rest easy at night. And you can too!”  This recipe also includes a homemade pie crust and a cute simplistic design for the top of the pie. (https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/the-great-pumpkin-pie-recipe/

Whether you  traditionally eat pumpkin, or just want to try a fun new food, pumpkin pie is one of the best fall treat you can possibly choose.